Sophia Love – Most Recent Message – 4 December 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

December 4, 2013

Hi. I saw this today:
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Do you know anything about this?

Much love,

Good Day Sophia!

Yes Sophia, NASA and US government’s infrastructure agencies are occasionally editing sky images and space images, starting from beginning of space age and continuing on. As they officially declared comet ISON dead, they went quiet for 2 Earth cycles (days) and then returned and showed edited images of comet ISON fading away.

What You saw there was Followers’ of Light very huge spherical ship, bigger than this planet is, which serves them as a planet on it’s own. This ship is surrounded by a powerful forcefield or energy shield, it bears energy signatures which can make it visible in this dimensional world under some circumstances. And this is what is seen there, the forcefield which surrounds this ship. Followers of Light brought this ship here not long ago, as Humanity’s Ascension is close, this is a necessity of having it here for them, they have a lot of such ships around this Galaxy and beyond. Like I was telling You Sophia, there is nothing to worry about, this all is prepared for Humanity, to aid and accompany.

I also wanted to share with You and Friends this video. It is magnetic rotation technology, the one You remember, one of the easiest and cheapest to make and to use. If You or Anyone Else reading this have will, ability and resources, I may advice You to make this engine type and use it. The key point in this technology is to use rotary blades like the ones that are used on a windmills inside the generator. In this case all You have to do is to turn magnets and rotary blades inside this turbine so that it will use magnetic force as a windforce. Remember the sailers? They were using wind to trespass the ocean. Likewise in space there are solar/stellar sailers, they use whether plasma wind or stellar light to trespass the cosmic ocean. And likewise this technology uses the same “wind” principle.

The more people would know this, the quicker will Humanity completely Transform itself. Wish You Great Luck and Great Success!

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