Wes Annac – At A Crossroads: Where Is Our Focus? – Part 2/2 – 4 December 2013

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm, Concluded from Part 1

There’s something related to channeling that I want to mention, because it presents a distorted view of channeling to people who might not believe in its reality after witnessing this play out.

I notice that on various spiritual forums, a lot of people seem hung up on certain aspects of channeling and our evolution in general that don’t perhaps serve us as much as, for example, coming together and repairing this planet or making genuine, unfiltered contact with our guides.

Every now and then I’ll surf a popular forum and read some of the discussions taking place, and an interesting percentage of argument tends to center around the identities of channeled guides and the identity of oneself as a certain well-known guide or a part of that guide’s soul kin.

There’s also the passionate argument that takes place when a channeled entity makes a bold statement, be it a prediction or anything else. Watching it all play out, I feel like we become distracted and divert our attention from other issues and matters that, to me, seem important, when we bicker about issues of lesser importance.

I think that this presents channeling in a distorted light that’s easy to discredit by a discerning individual who could otherwise benefit from it.

Understanding the reality of the existence of our Universal Family is certainly important.

However, watching twenty members of a spiritual forum get into a heated debate about whether or not a starship will land on X/X/2013; whether or not somebody’s related to Sananda; whether or not certain channeled guides are “real”; it makes me think that we could utilize that passion and get to work on a lot of really important things.

Where are we putting our focus in this transformative time? Are we focusing on things that’ll help us progress, physically and spiritually, or are we getting caught up in spiritual-related but ultimately human mechanisms and concerns?

While we bicker about issues that seem unimportant, I can see our Universal Family looking upon us with Love and doing all they can to motivate us to use our burning flame in a way that sees us shine instead of fight against each other. I obviously don’t aim to alienate anybody here, and you’re encouraged to embrace whatever path feels right for you.

Beyond all of this, I just don’t feel as excited to channel a guide or group of guides as I once did, though I more than recognize the benefits channeling offers me and all of you. When I took it up as the main aspect of my role for humanity’s awakening, I was excited to channel and enjoyed doing it as much as possible.

To be honest, I couldn’t tell you just what’s leading me to take a slightly different, and for me, expanded path.

Perhaps one of the factors is that I don’t aim to expand my channeling “ability”, and by that I mean I don’t aim to stray away from automatic writing and into QHHT, mediumship or any other direct, vocal form of bringing a guide through. That’d be the logical next step in regards to channeling, but the idea of it just doesn’t excite me as much as doing other things does.

Instead, the next step I choose to take involves using the benefits channeling has offered me, and there have been many, to produce material from (and sometimes through) me that’s inspired by the Divine.

There’s some building up to do in regards to writing and music, but I look forward to using them and any other outlet that works for me to contribute as directly and in as widespread of a manner as I can to our physical and spiritual evolution.

Understanding that we’re surrounded by guides looking to lend a helping hand to us evolving humans, I can use the inspiration they and the higher self offer and attempt to reach more awakening seekers than I would’ve ever desired to reach before.

I’ve only mentioned music a couple of times throughout this writing, and I’m underplaying how important it’s been to me lately and how much more often I desire to write and play it over doing anything else. Like writing, it’s an incredible medium to reach and help uplift a lot of people, and it’s personally uplifting to play.

When it comes down to it, writing and playing music is just fun.

It gets the Self moving, it gets others moving, and it’s an incredible way to express a good vibration and get the truth out to the people. I think that we’re going to ascend into orchestras of incredibly intricate and rich music being endlessly conducted, because music is higher-vibrational in and of itself.

I look forward to embracing writing and music more than I ever have, and I don’t necessarily intend to lay channeling down, but to lay down many aspects of the connection with specific guides or collectives that don’t serve me personally as much as they once did. This doesn’t mean they aren’t helpful to multitudes of other awakening seekers.

Continue to expect inspired material from me, because this is only the beginning of the service of each of us to the building of a new paradigm and the widespread adoption of the Divine qualities and establishment of abundance, prosperity and equality for every citizen.

You could be at a crossroads in the development of your role for humanity’s awakening like I am, but I get the feeling that the result is going to be a massively refined and expanded role that sees us aptly serve humanity and this planet in the ways we’ve always been intended to.

Wes Annac – An endless conduit for spiritual inspiration and action, just like you.

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