Lucas – The Storm And The Eye Of The Storm – 5 December 2013 and humans going through all of it makes quit a concoction.  It is about all at once this days past and coming.  It is all out there for you to be standing and acknowledging your own inner power and independence. On the other hand  there is a lot of other stuff you are drawn into the same time. Keeping a float, existential needs and getting on with things. And then there is also that what some rather forgot in  the midst of the storm front.  All those people surrounding you ask for a bit of wanted or unwanted interaction and attention.

The dealing with it all is just up to you as your way and process is always only for you. It is all given and you deal with it in the way you want or need to. It is in a way exciting and also strange.  There is in all always a moment that keeps you centered and just looking within it is the eye of the storm. The silence is  just long enough for you to feel your way and get cracking at it again when the storm is wanting to knock you of your feet.

In all of this is the movement of energies from a draft, a gentle breeze to a stormy wind and even a whirlwind and a perfect storm.  It is all there to be mastered by your choices and actions. You can have some help along the way by having a good umbrella, raincoat or even a lifebelt. You will find your rescue always within. The center is the place to go when your lost.

The  energies will keep acting on your choice levels . What will you do what will you this time maybe not do or different. Questions of what is and what isn’t are popping up. Take it in and do your advantage with it. It could be time to see that mirror that is put in front of you and maybe break out of your little personal cycles you keep getting stuck in.  Let it all pass and know all is well. Every decision is  one you make for you and it is always right.

Enjoy the choice making experiences and see what it brings forward. It might be new directions or ways to go even taking up some forgotten paths might be in it also. Let the magic of the ending year be that nice storm that will blow away that what is not needed anymore and bring in afterwards a clear fresh canvas to paint your new path on. It will be like a dandelion flower and seed that will float in the air towards a new destination.  For every choice there will be a light on your path. Just remember to look for that light within.

Love and light,


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