Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Let Love Be Enough – 6 December 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

In human terms, there is right, and there is wrong. No two people think just alike. No two people agree on everything. Where is it said that they must? Yet there is difficulty in allowing another point of view or another opinion. What is this need for agreement really about? What is at stake?

So what if someone belongs to one religion or political party or another? What if someone sees one way and you another. What is so all-important?  

Oh, yes, offer great consideration, yet agreement is a different story. Even when you don’t agree, be considerate and understanding. You can be kind and offer friendship. Who said that ideal agreement is the only way to go? There are many little wars fought over little things.

What is so hard about people living together and families and nations getting along? How is it that people who love each other find themselves angry, down-and-out angry when once they gave happiness to each other? What is the crux of this? Something is off, would you agree?

Why would one of My children feel beside himself because of another child of Mine. How is it that two people who love each other come to think: “I can’t stand it any longer. I have to have some peace and quiet.” What does another person ultimately have to do with your peace and quiet?

What has happened to comradeship and feeling unbounded? It does seem that sometimes My children are bound to be angrier than they or anyone wants to be. It certainly seems like you can’t help it. You have come to the end of your rope. And anger comes to the fore, and human beings are not what they want to be.

Surely, anger is not a strength. Does anyone really think so? And, I have to ask, when you are not in the fireworks of anger, would you ever want to justify it? Someone leaves the dirty dishes, can’t wash a dish, can’t hang up his or her clothes, and you are furious. Is it worth it? Or someone might always be nagging you to wash a dish and hang up your clothes? Is either one of you really a villain?

Anger is not healthy. What causes anger, and what is the good of expressing it? You may think anger can be righteous and virtuous – you may think all your anger is right and necessary, yet where do you get off outraged? Anger is not virtuous. Pretending sweetness is not admirable either. It is maddening. Perhaps it is better to reveal anger rather than hide it. Either way, you do no one a favor.

Are you the commander of the world that you can believe you can make anyone do what you want or be what you want?

It is good to pick up after oneself, yet is it the test of a person? The people who pick up after themselves may be maddening in some other way. The maddening aspect lies within you. The question is not: What do you do with someone else? The question is: What do you do with yourself?

You may consider yourself peace-loving, and, yet anger, regardless of the cause, is not peace-loving.

Some people justify their anger by saying it’s righteous anger. I understand the intent. Be careful about being self-righteous. Anger at a murderer doesn’t behoove you or the murderer.

So My question really is: Where is love? Even covered up with anger, love is there. Underneath hate, love is there. Beloveds, what are you doing? When you are angry, where is your love for yourself? / link to original article

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