Revealed: The secret of the East China Sea – 6 December 2013

RT logoWhat game is China really playing by declaring an Air Defense Identification Zone in the East China Sea?

The spin in the US is relentless. This was no less than “saber-rattling,” a “bellicose” posture and a unilateral “provocation.” A possibly tense meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and US Vice-President Joe Biden in Beijing may have done nothing to dispel it.

This is what the White House says Xi and Biden talked about; Beijing has not released a transcript. on the hysteria front, this Op-Ed – reflecting a warped consensus in the City of London – even managed to crank it up to pre-World War II levels.

Now compare it with the official Chinese media view, from a more conciliatory take to a no-holds barred assertion of sovereignty: Which brings us to the strong possibility that the original provocation was actually Japanese, not Chinese.

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