Australia – Spill Of Contaminated Material At Ranger Uranium Mine; Locals Fear For Kakadu National Park – 7 December 2013

ABC News

( Lucas : In this article the immediate  somebody but the company for the 3 leaks now in a  month found as is mentioned that the police will investigate this after anti-nuclear protesters slammed the company. The government and the company … That combination should ring some bells as the Government is also a company. Welcome to the notice big corporations are ruling the world or better said they think they are.)

There has been a serious spill of contaminated slurry at the Ranger uranium mine, near Jabiru, in the Northern Territory.

The mine’s operator Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) said a tank in the processing area of the mine failed about 1:00am.

Workers discovered a hole in the side of the tank and were evacuated before the tank burst and “a mixture of slurry escaped”.

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