Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – A Little Passage On Lake Illusion – 8 December 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

This is the day you have been waiting for. Whatever day this is, this is the case. You have been waiting for days to come, and now this day has come right up to you. This day is upon you. Open up to it. Savor its delicacies.

Today will be filled up to the brim for you. It is yours. It has come to meet you. This day has come to call on you. It came right in your door. This is your day, and you have been waiting for it. Yes, get up now and greet it.

It is a good idea to not get blasé about your days. No longer count your days. This day has come. Give yourself to this day. It is not for you to shrug your shoulders and say: “Another day, another dollar.”

Today is a day to clap your hands and celebrate the entry of a new day on this plane of life. With a new day, a new world.

In Heaven, there are no days, as you know. There is Eternity. There is no long and short to it. Eternity is eternal. In a way, it is briefer than a day. It has no beginning and ending as days do. There is no interruption to Eternity. It can’t be broken down into parts. Eternity is this moment in your day, and, yet, it is Eternal. How stirring is Eternity where Our hearts are and are to stay in what is Light right and left even as there is no right or left. There is only Being, and here We are, My beloved Self.

What is a lifetime? It is a little passage on Lake Illusion. You row your boat. That’s about it. And, yet, as you row row row your boat, you get somewhere.

Sufficient unto the day is the good. This is what is, beloveds.

All your lessons, all your journeys, notwithstanding, are thoughts you have. You think, you plan, you worry, you wonder, and all you have to do is to be. That’s all you can be. All the running, all the churning are simply you, the individual, rowing your boat. Upstream, downstream, it doesn’t matter. That you are here on Earth in this Earth time and place is your thing. That’s it. You dust the furniture, sweep the floor, do the wash. All the repetitive motions are repetitive motions that make up your purveyance of the day.

And, yet, each day has a magnificent sunrise and sunset. It comes in without a furor, and it leaves without a furor. The day is kind of like a debonair lover. The day slips in, and the day slips out, and never the same day will come again, yet always there is another day while you are a Being on Earth.

The day is full, and your plate is full when, all the while, nothing is happening. Plenty certainly seems to be happening. Even as all on this plane of life is fleeting, illusory, and not happening at all, it seems real, and so you play in the dream you are having. And so you play for a minute or two until you find yourself fully back in Heaven with Me.

Suddenly-seeming, your time that never was is up, and you are back to where you came from and simultaneously never left.

Is life in the world a hoax? You can say so, and yet it is a real intermission, and, yet, this time that does not exist serves you just the same. He who waits also serves. And you serve. You serve a purpose. You serve well.

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