John Ward – The Paedofile: Met Plod’s Astonishingly Anal Approach To Nailing A Politician – 9 December 2013

manbackmonocropfinal“I was there, but I didn’t  inhale”

The good news is, Operation FairbridgeFernbank or whatever it is this week has established a witness who has ID’d “an ex political Minister” at Elm House, and said Minister has been approached about it.

Said Minister has indeed said yes it’s me, which is sort of inevitable given it bleedin’ obviously is, and stuff the abused person has said about intimate clothes-off details of said Minister have turned out to be honestly said. “He had to admit being there because he was filmed at the Party,” the alleged victim told Exaro. I’m inclined to agree, on the grounds you’d have to be very odd not to.

Said Minister has said he did not abuse the boy, but as yet no Plod is fessing up to asking him why the boy knows clothes-off stuff about said Minister. Said Minister would be expected to say that he didn’t abuse the boy, but said victim has been seen on film at other Parties, so maybe said Minister had brewer’s droop that night. You know – beyond a shadow of a doubt and all that.

However, having been trained and worked as an information-extracting interviewer over thirty or more years, I am wondering if Plod told said Minister has was in the movie before they asked him any questions about being at the party. I am wondering about this because first, if said Minister at first denied and then said oh dear yes I was, um, sorry I forgot, it would be a very damaging thing to have said; and second, looking through my records here in Sloggers’ Roost, I have found a source who said to me three years ago that said Minister had been asked this question before and said “No” which as I already said is what you’d expect him to say.

This is beyond hearsay: it is here there and everywhere say. Except that, it appears there is a film. I wonder how many of the 3,000 dangerous threats to the State rounded up in Croydon and put away a few years ago were caught on film….or merely on the basis of Met Plod’s “Right Spook, you’re f**kin’ nicked”.

Millimetre by millimetre, Boris’s Bluebottles are blowing this case open. You can tell they’re blowing it open, because – wait for it – ‘a specialist in child protection’ has told Exaro “This is potentially bombshell stuff…I have long been aware of the fact that these parties took place in London. This is potentially very significant”.

Oh dear. That quote has the unmistakable hallmark of MWT Associates about it. The unfortunate truth is that the parties in Richmond supplied with boys courtesy of Richmond Council Child Buggery Promoters are something we have “been aware of” since the mid 1970s: indeed the case has been opened four times and closed three times in a period stretching back to the time when certain child protection supremos were little more than….well, children at risk themselves.

But in the absence of any further insight, let me add that the alleged victim has also accused the former Minister – let’s go mad and suggest he was a member of Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet in the early 1980s – of rogering him in Amsterdam during jolly-jape Club outings to the Low Countries….hence the involvement of Gouda Cheese Plod in this particular part of the investigation.

So for those genuinely familiar with the case, the realistic shortlist of suspects here contains but two names. And whomever it might be, the trail from him to those very active in 2013 UK Cabinet politics is impossible to deny.

They both hail from a Party to the Government side of the house, but lest anyone try to nail such sexual predilections solely to the Conservative Party, the Mail over the weekend deigned to remind us that several of the Party Opposite were keen on the boy-bottom at the end of the rainbow of sexual experience during the period 1968-1977. The head of the Home Office has, the Mail reports, ordered an investigation into “shocking” allegations that the Government gave tens of thousands of pounds to a notorious paedophile group. It seems that civil servants are trawling through decades’ worth of files to look for any evidence that the Home Office once funded the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which openly campaigned to legalise child sex.

Not much point in trawling if the fish are all dead, methinks.

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