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Abraham Hicks – Any Higher Purpose Than Joy? – 9 December 2013

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – 1984 : Warning Or Conditioning? ( Video) – 9 December 2013

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On this edition of Questions For Corbett, James rolls up his sleeve and answers your burning questions, from Arafat’s polonium poisoning to land ownership to KAL 007, JP Morgan, predictive programming and everyone’s burning question: who is the British woman who introduces the podcast? Continue reading

John Ward – Euroblown: Baffled, Bonkers And Bemusing Brussels – 9 December 2013


Good to see that, with everything  else going so tits up in Spain, you can still get some amazing free help under the national health system. And yes, Mariano Rajoy too is just as upbeat: Continue reading

Deep Divisions Over TPP As US Pressures To Close Controversial Deal – WikiLeaks – 9 December 2013

RT logoThe US is ramping up pressure to secure a Trans-Pacific Trade Deal with conditions that could undermine the national interests of nations involved. WikiLeaks documents say talks are “paralyzed,” with the US refusing to compromise on disputed issues.

Anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks has released two documents revealing the state of negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The deal in question includes 12 countries – the United States, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Chile, Singapore, Peru, Vietnam, New Zealand and Brunei – which represent more than 40 percent of the world’s gross domestic product.

The 12 nations are are in Singapore this week to discuss the trade agreement. Following a closed-door meeting in Singapore, Japan’s trade minister Yasutoshi Nishimura told press he would like “the United States to show flexibility.”

“I’ve already mentioned the parts we can’t budge on, so the issue is what both sides can do based on that,” Nishimura said.

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InvestmentWatchBlog – MSM Is Finally Covering The Fact That Obama Lied About Syria! – 9 December 2013

InvestmentWatchI could hardly believe myself when I saw that this was the top story on yahoo news.

“Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh has dropped yet another bombshell allegation: President Obama wasn’t honest with the American people when he blamed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for a sarin-gas attack in that killed hundreds of civilians.”


New Yorker, Washington Post Passed On Seymour Hersh Syria Report



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Infowars – Congress Investigates Obama’s Attempt To Become Dictator – 9 December 2013


If Obama’s complete disregard for the constitutional limits imposed on the presidency continues, it will create a precedent in which future presidents will act as absolute autocrats.

At a congressional hearing on Dec. 2, House Representative Trey Growdy (R-SC) asked what will stop Obama from not enforcing election laws considering his pattern of “prosecutorial discretion” of other standing laws.

During the same hearing, Michael Cannon, the Director of Health Policy Studies for the Cato Institute, said that Obama’s complete disregard for the Constitution could unfortunately lead to a revolt:

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InvestmentWatchBlog – Scary: DJIA Price Pattern Is Same As That Leading To The 1929 Crash – 9 December 2013

InvestmentWatchThey say those who forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.

The cycle swings fear back to greed. The overcautious become the overzealous. And at the top, the story is always the same: Too much credit, too much speculation, the suspension of disbelief, and the spread of the idea that this time is different.

The stock bubble continued along merrily in spite of the rising rates, as the fad of chasing the latest hot stock captured the public’s imagination. That Fed tightening of the late 1920s is obviously not what is happening now, but yet the pattern is nearly the same. This point suggests that it is not the “usual suspects” that are the driving force behind creating price structures. Something else must be the causative agent.

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Matt Taibbi – Another Batch Of Wall Street Villains Freed On Technicality – 9 December 2013

154px-Matt_TaibbiI love covering trials, which is one reason I’ve been a little sad since switching over to the Wall Street beat: Few of the bad guys in this world ever even get interviewed by the authorities, much less indicted, so trials are comically rare.

But we did have one last year, a big one, and though it was boring and jargon-laden enough on the surface that at least one juror fought sleep in its opening days, I thought it was fascinating. In a story about the Justice Department’s Spring 2012 prosecution of a wide-raging municipal bond bid-rigging case, I called it the “first trial of the modern American mafia”:  ……

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Steve Lendman – Ukrainian Protests Continue – 9 December 2013

StevelendmanPro-EU elements called for a Sunday “March of Millions.” They hoped for maximum numbers turning out.

Their plan is a Washington manipulated power grab. It’s got nothing to do with democracy. It ignores Ukrainian sovereign rights.
The event’s slogan was “Ukraine for Europe.” It should be named Ukraine for Western corporate predators. Continue reading