Infowars – Apple, Google, Microsoft And More Demand Sweeping Changes To US Surveillance Laws – 10 December 2013

(Lucas : Does it matter if companies want to change surveillance laws if on the other hand the push for TPP signing is happening and this TPP gives the big corporations the full power to dominate our world over governments and you (which are also corporations by the way) and your vote  is nothing else than voting in a corporate representative. Your Constitution and Bill of Rights are nothing else than the leeway you get within the matrix of the corporate state and world. They will your rights step by step and are doing so  already. You have since birth become a “person” a corporate entity that got a birth certificate to proof it . They prey on your  hidden money fund that you will not have access to ever as already all you own in debts and whatever was paid for. So why pay for things, taxes, etc.  Learn, read, educate yourselves. Wake up!)

Dan Roberts and Jemima Kiss
London Guardian
December 9, 2013

The world’s leading technology companies have united to demand sweeping changes to US surveillance laws, urging an international ban on bulk collection of data to help preserve the public’s “trust in the internet”.

In their most concerted response yet to disclosures by the National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Twitter and AOL will publish an open letter to Barack Obama and Congress on Monday, throwing their weight behind radical reforms already proposed by Washington politicians.

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