AmericanKabuki – Quadrillion-Dollar Finance House Spams Reg Reader With Bankers’ Private Data – 12 December 2013

American-Kabuki-New-7-8-13-fWhat if… computers and routers also become sentient with the rising energies… and they realize that they too are Eternal Essence… part of the One… after all what is a brain, but a network of neurons?  Just sayin’… -Bill

Quadrillion-dollar finance house spams Reg reader with bankers’ private data
Fat fingers dump network dumps in 20,000 emails
By Iain Thomson, 11th December 2013

Exclusive IT staff at the world’s largest securities transaction clearing house are facing a rough few days after a Reg reader was inadvertently deluged with emails leaking session IDs, transfers, and account details for executives at big-name customers.

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) handles the vast bulk of stock and securities transactions for the US, and last year moved more than $1.7 quadrillion in deals through its servers. When a financial asset is traded, the firm handles the paperwork at each end, and works with some of the largest banks and financial institutions in the world.

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