Lucas – Energies Fracking The Shit Out Of Your Life – Good – The Light Is You – 12 December 2013

By Chenspec

In my own life and in the many talks I had with people in my surroundings it became clear the energies are fracking the shit out of the lot of us  in the now. Some are just having a bodyclearing others have clearing on other levels.  Though maybe in the moment perceived as hardships or even burdens, and even some having nasty thoughts of  skipping the earthly for the heavenly there is always a light on your path. You will see you are more than the thought or perceived nasty situation of things happening in the moment of the now.  A lot of you are standing up to the plate and want to express their own power in an overpowering way,  it is all just part of the ongoing change and progress made.

The ongoing drilling into the old and the deep down hidden is needed to get all the toxic waste out of there. It is done for a purpose and to receive a next load of energies to frack the lot. The way up is always connected to the way down as all is about that push and pull effect that still makes things move in a certain way or direction as needed.  You always can find back to center and keep things out of the conflict zone.

We all are had our moments in the past weeks or are going to have our moments in coming weeks.  It is where that fracking is good for. What we do and see in between the drilling makes that we gradually are freeing up the real oil and gas so to say.  Sorry to say we are still pulling that stuff out of mother earth.  It is like us easily ignited and polluting in actions and words but it is also just right in the moment and beautiful as it is seen in an other way and maybe not like a resource of fuel.

So still our perceptions on ourselves, others and the world and even beyond make up for what gets fracked out of your life. The huge desire in these days for a bit of rest, peace and turning off the machine is that what I sense. Still all spins  in the big multiverse merry-go-round. You choose to be on the high horse or maybe like to the carriage more.  You even can choose the not participate and just watch.

The upcoming time to winter solstice and the feast of the returning of the light “Christmas” are good for reviewing the reports on your own well-being in the now. Is there a plan for the now you would like to initiate or is there a thing you want to say goodbye to or is there a moment you make a peace-offering, you decide what it is.  Plenty of choices can be made and lots of buttons can be pushed in the  frackingzone.

It all will though be alright as mostly after  the shit hits the fan there will be plenty of good stuff  also showing up. We are here in the moment of now to see we can manage all that.  Remember to put some love or loving thoughts in all that you say or act out in the coming weeks. Make sure you want to be that peace dove that flies with its olive branch and the love shining of its feathers into the new light of the year 2014. Make it  a good year and have a bit of love and laughter. The abundance of love, good intent and creation is with you on your path, make good use of it. Know the light is you. Shine.

I fracking love you  all. Happy Holidays  wherever you are.

Love and Light,


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