John Ward – Educational Religious Extremism: A Fanatic Speaks – 13 December 2013


” Do not pander to extremism by endorsing segregation at universities” says our fine upstanding Education Secretary Michael Oddcove, who insists that those who demand separate seating for men and women in their lectures must be told where to get off.

Despite yesterday’s piece here on this issue (widely misunderstood but what else is new?) I do agree that we should tell Islamic dictators and misogynists where to get off. I just find it excruciating coming from a bloke like Gove who:

* Used to work for, idolises and still supports Rupert Murdoch’s Newscorp, despite its widespread indulgence in illegality and borderline gangster tactics, and was happy to take the Digger’s £35m for new East End Colleges

* Enthusiastically supports Boris Johnson’s “trade” efforts in the UAE and China

* Is gaily selling off our Further Education family silver to Fairground sideshow crap-degree peddlers from Arkansas and wherever.

Quel blague, hein? / link to original article


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