Sophia Love – Most Recent Message – 13 December 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Update 12-12-13  — (Note to Readers, there is a great deal of information coming in now, attempts are made to keep this page as short as possible, you may want to check out Page 7 as well as updates may happen more than once a day.  The updates are included as they come in whenever possible.)

I will explain, but remember always to believe or not based on Your Own beliefs and views.

One decided this indeed, but not me or Anyone Else will ever completely understand One, One is the most complex Being in Existence as It is It’s Creator.

Like I’m told by One, “People will themselves make the decision when and how it will took place, ones that have grown them up should graduate them, not Forces of One, nor Guardians, or anyone else.”

“Ones that have grown Humanity up” are the Followers of Light, so they must finish this experiment like I was telling You. And like You remember Forces of One gave them a deadline. This experiment is a danger to Creation, that is why we are here in the first place.

The Followers of Light have great technologies of Consciousness level type, they can do much more than triggering Great Event, (Event should be called Great in my opinion, as it is Great indeed).
They already are using them right now, I sense they have listened to this poll and understood that by triggering Moment of Justice they will save more lives than by postponing. Though I can’t guarantee they will do this right now, don’t feel their complete determination yet, will hope to sense it soon..

About Energy harvesting Sophia, from our knowledge and as I see them, they are not vampires, they do not need Energy to be alive or to function, they have a lot of technology to aid their physical and ethereal bodies. But it is up to You to decide:)

Here is a recent video of Cobra, here he explains pretty much every detail of “Event, Light Forces and archons” if You missed something
Click here:

I will also mention about the situation around the World as it is very astounding for me right now.

Everything is looking very Good, the overall Energy of a Planet has increased Toward Positiveness and Love+Happiness attitude. In Thailand, in Italy and in Ukraine protests were seized in a peaceful way with Peaceful solutions, where police and protesters were treated each other as a Friend, wars in Africa and Syria are temporary ceasing, You can check it on news. I feel the energy of our Planet and it is very Good! Can You feel it?

So right now, I can point out that this time moment is very suited for a Moment of Justice to begin, casualties may be reduced to 0 if U.S. government will be disallowed from starting their plan B, that is the most problematic thing, and as we know, illuminati order will fight viciously for it’s survival and delaying may just give them a momentum, so if I were in Light Followers’ place I would use such an opportunity and liberate Humanity right now.


This is a message of Hope, You’ve seen it as part of a Pleiadean message, this was the message which asked Humanity to choose what will be next after 12.21.2012. So don’t mind it, choice was already made, I sense that many Lightworkers need this right now, we can change this world by wanting to see the world like this, pay attention to music, this is what gives this video a strong message
Click here:

Wish for it, tell You are ready, show that You are ready – this is where Compassion, Love and Happiness prevail, like You wanted.


Ok, Sophia. Here is an important update.

My suspicions were confirmed. After some time of my own guessing and feeling, One acknowledged that indeed illuminati order were making a ritual on Nelson Mandela’s funerals for preparation for a big and bad event. When I heard that sign interpreter saw angels descending on funerals, it was what I was feeling.

The Comet Ison as we know, need only 2 degrees to hit the Earth, now that it is fragmented some fragments are heading in Earth direction and they will arrive somewhere before middle of next month, beginning from 21st date of december. I can’t get precise information, I only can feel these hulks are approaching.

They are big, some are a little bigger than meteor that hit Chelyabinsk. Comet Ison have arrived here after precisely 666 cycles after comet Negra, which makes up to ritual they committed. There was also a Great Comet of 1680, if You calculate it is 333 cycles since this 2013 cycle and both of these comets cause a “black plague” outbreak which in 1300s killed more than 200 million people in Europe.

As well with this there are other ritual similarities: the Israel was “recommended” by UN on 29th november of 1947, that is 66 cycles into past, this is when Ison moved under the Creator the Sun.

And the place Pretoria where “leaders’ were giving their farewells to Nelson is build on a place of battle which was called “The Battle of Blood River”, that took place on december 16th 1838,

and on 15th december Nelson will be buried in his home village. The day 16th december is holiday and is called the day of Reconciliation (in past it was called day of Covenant and later Vow). And this Covenant was given to God, for if battle will be won, they will build a new church on that place.

My vision was blocked due to dark priests activity on that place, but I can guess they might have given the same oath for defeating Light forces (this oath will be ignored, but may cause some damage).

Lastly all in this temple at Pretoria has many occult and symbolic representations that are connected with Egypt, Mesopotamia and Israel.

As well Ison can be interpreted as “I the Son”.

All this is their typical symbolics, yet they have prepared it in complete secrecy and precision and they intend to make something very BIG right now, we GEs haven’t completely seen that coming, but we were prepared for something like this.

I’ve met with other GEs and we all look through the veil, we saw what we already were seeing all the time: that they want to make false flag, it was a nuclear fire and combined with an epidemic.

We will look again into possible nuclear plots they may make and now we will strictly look into everything WHO will be doing in next few moments of time.

Right now they will “vaccinate” over 23 million children to bring mass outbreak of a new type flu virus in middle east and that where we prepared a “surprise” for them.
As well there will be vaccination in U.S., and it is already starting.

So Sophia, I advice You to share this information, with the power of our thoughts we may turn the comet Ison’s fragments away and disallow all these bad things from happening.

If You will need some information on all of this I can provide it.

With Peace, Calm and Prosperity. link to original article

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