John Ward – The Paedofile: Yewtree Suspect? You Read It There First – 14 December 2013

spindlersgistWhy did Met’s Spindler resign so suddenly?

Spindler’s gist

Paul Gambaccini, you may had read yesterday, has now had his bail extended until March 2014. The news was released by the Met first to the media. Then they told his lawyer. I understand Mr Gambaccini first read the news on the BBC website.

So it’s clear then: this isn’t trial by the due process of law, it’s trial by media. Just so long as we know.

Lord Levitate’s “enquiry” was supposed to look into all this cop/media/each other’s pockets/behaving like sh*topaths thing. But it clearly didn’t have much effect did it, your Lordship?

No, what we got yesterday was a new West End revival of Franz Kafka’s The Trial, with Paul Gambaccini unwillingly cast in the role of Mr K.

At the time Lord Notlevel-Playingfield’s enquiry was being hailed as the answer to a culture dumbed down by Newscorp tabloid cruelty, our Prime Minister said we shouldn’t “jump to conclusions and thus start a witch-hunt against gays”.

Yet here we are with the Met Police (already up to their money-grubbing necks in Newscorp collusion) er…orchestrating media articles about an accused man who is openly gay.

Cameron made his deeply concerned and face-saving comment during a November 8th 2012 ITV interview with Philip Schofield. As a result of this, Lord ‘Superman with Kyptonite Eyes’ McCalpswine spotted his name on Schofield’s list and trousered lots of dosh from ITV. So instead of a witch-hunt, we got a munneeee hunt from Prince Machiavelli’s School for Eager 20/20 Students of the Weak Heart and their retinue of Blessed Ambulance Chasers.

After the interview, MPs from all Parties called the Schofield attempt at real interviewing “disgraceful”, “unforgivable” and “appalling”, before leaving to leak Cabinet secrets by phone to in excess of 37 journalists. ITV told Schofield he had been “wrong” (HTF did they know that?) and the guy was reprimanded.

Ah, the smell of media and legislative hypocrisy of a Saturday afternoon. Its stench of ethical decomposition stretches even unto Southern France.

From whence, a mere 500 miles behind the lines, I feel emboldened to offer my evidential hypothesis that the Metropolitan Police Force has over-recruited its quotient of life-ruining careerist bastards, and should be the subject of root-and-branch reform. But not by the London Mayor Boris Johnson: it would after all be unfair to add further to Mr Jobsworth’s workload, he being already fully engaged in the Christian act of defending the likes of Rupert Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks, Bob Diamond, Darius Guppy, Operation Fernbridge, Emirate dictators, and the entire Beijing Politburo. Yes indeed, how the Mighty go out into the wilderness, the better to resurrect the Fallen.

Greater love hath no man than to defend the lives of those who laid out on his behalf. And not many enjoy greater secrecy – the better to hide the growing disgust of Peter Spindler.

And in other related news: The Met Zen of nailing a paedophile politician

PS Dear Bandwagon-jumpers  If you are so keen to tell me how the Met wishes to distance the Paul Gambaccini investigation from that of Jimmy Savile’s paedophilic nation-grooming, perhaps you would be so good as to explain why it is being carried out under the same spreading branches of Operation Yewtree. / link to original article

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