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John Ward – Borisconi The Barbarian: Slave Labour In City Hall – 14 December 2013

bojomonkeytitleWorkers in London’s City Hall, including catering and security staff, are on zero-hours contracts. They get no holiday or sick pay, but can be fired for not turning up at short notice.

40 people working at London’s City Hall headquarters are employed on zero-hours contracts. The workers employed on the controversial contracts do not offer them guaranteed hours, but despite that they are required to ask permission before working elsewhere. And who knows – to be allowed to get married, have children, or commit suicide as a result of depression. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Reader’s Question: Are We Creating Change? – 14 December 2013

wes-annac-300x229Our question this week comes from a reader who wants to know if our presence on this planet is heralding change.

“Is our consciousness actually now creating the changes we are seeing and feeling?”

Another great question that I’ll be happy to provide my perspective on. Continue reading

CommonDreams – Smoke The TPP: How Big Tobacco And “Free Trade” Deals Erode Public Health – 14 December 2013

common-dreamsGovernment attempts to curb smoking, including bans on advertisements, attacked by industry claiming authority of corporate-friendly agreements

– Jon Queally, staff writer
As it turns out, once the general public learns that smoking tobacco can kill you with unusual predictability, most people respond by trying to quit the habit—sometimes successfully, sometimes not—or by never smoking in the first place. Continue reading

CommonDreams – Hopes For ‘Critical Mass in The Marketplace’ Grow As Second State Joins GMO Labeling Push – 14 December 2013

common-dreamsConnecticut governor signs GMO labeling bill

– Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer

A growing movement calling for the labeling of GMOs on grocery store shelves took one step forward this week when Governor Dannel Malloy of Connecticut signed a bill mandating just that. Continue reading

NaturalNews – J.D. Heyes – Obama Setting Dangerous Precedent With Selective Obamacare ‘Executive Lawmaking’ That Destroy The Rule Of Law – 14 December 2013

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid don’t have much respect or use for the Constitution. That much is made plain by their actions.

The Senate leader recently ditched a couple centuries’ worth of tradition by scuttling the chamber’s filibuster rules – rules which help protect the minority party and the constituents that they represent – so that he and Obama can fill the D.C. Circuit Court, the nation’s second most important, with a bunch of liberal jurists. Continue reading

Scientists Discover Secret Code Hidden Within Human DNA – 14 December 2013

RT logoScientists have discovered a secret second code hiding within DNA which instructs cells on how genes are controlled. The amazing discovery is expected to open new doors to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, according to a new study.

Ever since the genetic code was deciphered over 40 years ago, scientists have believed that it only described how proteins are made. However, the revelation made by the research team led by John Stamatoyannopoulos of the University of Washington indicates that genomes use the genetic code to write two separate languages.

“For over 40 years we have assumed that DNA changes affecting the genetic code solely impact how proteins are made,” said Stamatoyannopoulos, according to the press release. “Now we know that this basic assumption about reading the human genome missed half of the picture.”

Read the whole story at: http://www.rt.com/link to original article

Spirit Of Deal ‘Violated’: Iran Quits Nuclear Talks After US Sanctions Move – 14 December 2013

RT logoIran has halted fraught nuclear talks with the West, saying that Washington has acted contrary to the spirit of a ‘landmark agreement’ established last month. The US has widened its blacklists, adding further people and companies under current sanctions.

“The negotiations were halted by [the] Iranian delegation because of new American sanctions. The Iranian negotiating team has halted the talks at this stage and are headed back to the capital due to America’s lack of commitment to the agreement,” Iranian news agency, Mehr, reported Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator, Abbas Araqchi, as saying.

Iran had agreed to freeze sections of its program, in exchange for approximately $7 billion in relief from economic sanctions imposed by the West. However, it emerged that approximately a dozen international firms were blacklisted for evading US-imposed sanctions on Thursday, despite warnings.

Read the whole article at: www.rt.com/link to original article

M 5.5 Quake Shakes Japan – 14 December 2013

RT logoA magnitude 5.5 earthquake was reported off the eastern coast of Japan’s Chiba prefecture not far from Tokyo. The tremors shook buildings in the capital, witnesses report.

No tsunami warning was issued and no immediate damage reports were available.

The quake epicenter was just 11 kilometers from the prefecture’s capital Asahi and 90 kilometers from Tokyo, USGS reported. It hit at an estimated depth of 36 km.

www.rt.com / link to original article

RemovingTheShackles – The Holographic Universe? – 14 December 2013

0e358-removing-the-shacklesThe Holographic Universe?

Now before we go any farther, I am not a scientist so I’m not saying this article is correct, but…..Transparency is being made known in all aspects of knowledge.  With articles in the areas of science that have been coming out this past year, it guides me to believe that while the science as an exact fact might not be correct, the direct it is taking us is very telling…. Continue reading