Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – A Feeling Plan Will Give You The Drive – 15 December 2013

LarryLarsonWhen you try to decide what you want in your life based on simple cause-and-effect relationships you can end up in places that aren’t exactly what you wanted. Cause and effect in physical terms may seem like it is the simple answer – it’s all based on concrete facts. Sally did something nice for me and so I want to reward her for it and spend more time with Sally. Joe did something mean to me and I feel bad and think Joe should be punished. And of course there are thousands of variations on this theme of sorting out good and bad, right and wrong, based on physically outward appearances. Someone doesn’t do what was expected of them or what you perceived as right.

But your world is not made of concrete. Your world is made up of interactive vibrations that are playing together in ways that physically evidenced relationships cannot explain. So when you attempt to pursue a life of good based on those basic concrete cause-and-effect expectations, you don’t always end up feeling good. It is a dilemma, and your world is filled with examples of those who started out to do good, and it became less than what they were expecting.

There is an easy solution for this dilemma, and that is to base your decisions upon how you want to feel rather than upon what you want to achieve in physical terms. I want to feel the thrill of victory. I want to feel the exhilaration of successful business. I want to feel the joy of loving relationships. I want to feel the freedom to go anywhere when I want. I want to feel on top of the world. Rather than plotting out a course physically, plot out your course vibrationally through feeling. Pursue that next step which feels thrilling, exhilarating, joyful, liberating. Pursue that which feels one step better than you did before. A feeling plan will give you the drive to get where you want to go, where simple action planning will not.

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