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Nation Divided: After Newtown, 28 States Passed Laws Lifting Firearms Restrictions, While 21 Expanded Them – 15 December 2013

InvestmentWatchThe biggest gun-control fight next year is shaping up as dueling ballot initiatives in the state of Washington, a continent away from the Connecticut elementary school where a mass shooting ignited a national push for tougher firearms laws.

It’s the only place in the nation where both sides are seeking to use the ballot box at once. It’s one of a handful of areas where national activists will press for gun-control laws after a measure to expand background checks on firearms buyers failed in the U.S. Senate. Other battlegrounds will include states known for hunting or ranching, including Minnesota, Oregon and Nevada, according to interviews with advocates on both sides.

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Marlen Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 15 December 2013

marlene1-1Beloved Ones,

As the solstice approaches and comes into effect, humanity is lifted higher and higher in their energetic fields and each is being gifted with the presence of the Angelic realms more pervasively than ever before. This is enabling each individual to receive the grace of the Angelic realms which assist in opening their hearts and souls to the higher frequencies of light and of love. As each being receives a greater influx and download of Christ energies into their own heart, a profound and subtle change takes effect in their daily lives. This will begin to show itself in the expressions between each member of humanity as they interact and connect with each other. The attributes and qualities of peace, loving kindness and goodwill will become more often expressed, one to another, as humanity begins to understand the greater purpose of many things that were not available for their discernment before. Continue reading

Phys.org – Mining The Moon Is Pie In The Sky For China, Experts Say – 15 December 2013


China’s moon rover will survey for minerals on a dusty, barren crater named the Bay of Rainbows, but experts say there may be no pot of gold on the Earth’s natural satellite.

The potential to extract the moon’s resources has been touted as a key reason behind China’s space programme, which made its latest breakthrough on Saturday with the landing of its first lunar rover.

State media said early Sunday that the rover vehicle had been deployed on the moon’s surface.

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Police Posing As 11th Graders Arrest 25 Students – 15 December 2013

IntelliHubBy John Vibes |

Dozens of high school students were arrested in an undercover investigation where police pretended to be 11th graders.

CALIFORNIA (INTELLIHUB) — Police in Riverside County, California have been running an undercover sting investigation in a local school to hunt down small time teenage drug vendors and users.  The semester long operation resulted in the arrest of 25 different teenagers, all of whom believed that undercover officers were close friends.  Continue reading

James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 791 – Jimenez/Secker/Corbett Roundtable on Greenwald, Amazon, Gamers – 15 December 2013

via TracesofReality.com:

On this edition of Traces of Reality Radio: Tom Secker, James Corbett, and Guillermo Jimenez connect for the first of a (potential) series of “roundtable” discussions and future (yet to be named) supercast. Continue reading

TheOne-DreamDreamer – Ask And You Shall Receive – 15 December 2013


How often have you heard or read this sentence? How many have told you to simply “ask, and you shall receive”. And you wondered… why am I not getting what I asked for? Why, if I so deeply believe in it? And how many have shown you -or at least told you- how it works and what it really means beyond the linear 3D human mind? What is meant with “ask, and you shall receive. Continue reading

Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – A Feeling Plan Will Give You The Drive – 15 December 2013

LarryLarsonWhen you try to decide what you want in your life based on simple cause-and-effect relationships you can end up in places that aren’t exactly what you wanted. Cause and effect in physical terms may seem like it is the simple answer – it’s all based on concrete facts. Sally did something nice for me and so I want to reward her for it and spend more time with Sally. Joe did something mean to me and I feel bad and think Joe should be punished. And of course there are thousands of variations on this theme of sorting out good and bad, right and wrong, based on physically outward appearances. Someone doesn’t do what was expected of them or what you perceived as right. Continue reading

Syncretism With Santos Bonacci – 15 December 2013

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WakingTimes – Julie Dermansky – Texas Fracking Bonanza: How Arlington Fell To The Frackers – 15 December 2013

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1Fort Worth was the first major city in America to allow extensive fracking within the city limits — but it wasn’t the last. Arlington, Texas, fell to the frackers next — only this time, the frackers were required to make their installations less of an eyesore.

Berms were built up around fracking sites and compressor centers to hide them from view, and active drill sites have temporary walls built up around them to keep the noise down. But walls don’t stop chemical seepage. Continue reading

ZeroHedge – Tyler Durden – Yet Another Massive Nail In The Dollar’s Coffin – 15 December 2013

ZeroHedgeTwo years ago, the CME announced USD/CNH futures trading enabling speculation (and hedging or risk transfer) of offshore Chinese Renminbi. On the other side of the world this week, a couple of gentlemen that few people have ever heard of signed an agreement that has massive consequences for the global financial system. It was a Memorandum of Understanding signed by representatives of the Singapore Exchange and Hong Kong Exchange. Their aim – to combine their forces in rolling out more financial products denominated in Chinese renminbi. This is huge…

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