Visionkeeper – It’s All About You…- 15 December 2013

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As I hear the continual, insane, drumbeat about the failure of Obamacare all around me, I know it is time to sit back and spend quiet time looking for the good buried beneath the trash of it all. It is there, it is ALWAYS there, we just have to make the supreme effort to discover it. If one were to listen to the daily news reports(God forbid!) it is plain to see the people being whipped into a frenzy and pummeled with the fears of the almighty ‘what if’s’. Such a waste of precious energy. So rather than waste it, let’s redirect it towards something positive.

The dark ones always seem to use the moments of chaos and devastation they’ve created to move ahead and grasp further control. It is now time for the world as a whole to use this chaotic situation and turn it in favor of OURSELVES for a change! We have been handed this healthcare disaster on a silver platter as if we should be grateful. No I don’t think so! The healthcare system is a mess as it stands now, but that does not mean we must suffer because of it. Now is the time to make the ultimate effort to thrust alternative healthcare out into the world’s attention to help those in fear, show them it works, it is safe and it is in keeping with the gentler new world we are creating. We do not need toxic pharmaceutical drugs to heal ourselves, we do not need to spend hundreds of dollars going to Doctors who belong to the old paradigm and whose thinking about healing that no longer resonates with ours. It is time to move forward.

I haven’t had insurance for over a year now. It causes me no fear what so ever and that is because I do not rely on Doctors to stay healthy. I took charge of my own health years ago through my diet, through herbal supplements, through a happy mind and by conscientiously clearing away my issues over time so there is no longer a need to worry and stress my body. This is how we must take control of our own lives now. One only worries about health insurance because they are not healthy and are prone to disease and rely upon others to take care of them. Why live this way? Make a concerted effort to maintain good health and a happy mind and heart and you won’t need Doctors. It is time to climb out of the victim mode of thinking and being and realize we have been taught to think this way through decades of propaganda. This is the new world now, we are able to stay healthy and heal ourselves and it is time we all embrace this FACT!

So please don’t fall head first into the fear mongering about healthcare being handed to you on a silver platter. Shove it aside and opt for taking responsibility for your OWN health now and rejoice. We have the power and the knowledge, we have answers at our fingertips on the internet, we have other ways of healing illness all our own, so to heck with Obamacare. Let the absurdity of it drift away from your consciousness and make the effort to research alternative medicine if you haven’t already. It is already there waiting for us in the wings as is everything else we may need in the new world. We are creating them as we go along and now it is time to use them. Smile, stay focused on the new world and know there are always answers out there to whatever issue you face. Rely on yourself and nobody else!

To all those who say easy for you to say, you don’t have a disease, I say to you “If I did, I would treat it it with alternative medicine and not be poisoned by regular medicine. Cancer sufferers are healing themselves all the time with alternative treatments, it is those destroying their bodies with pharmaceutical drugs who are dying such horrible deaths.

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