A Special Request From Bill Aka AmericanKabuki – 16 December 2013

Special request…

I’m having some issues with my Mac since October, and its worse after upgrading my Mac to OSX Mavericks (which seems to have a few bugs that are not yet addressed).  I need to revert my Mac to the prior release of OSX Mountain Lion so that I can do videos and timely blogging, the Mac “finder” app keeps crashing on me which is causing me no end of frustration. For those of you with PCs its the equivalent of Windows Explorer that your browse files with on the PC.  I also really think my Mac was compromised once I announced I was coming to Morocco…its not been working correctly since I made that public which is usually a sign a computer has been compromised with a hack or backdoor.

So I need to reformat the drive…and reinstall the old operating system….

But before I do that I have some historical data that has not been published yet that I need to peel off of from Skype logs to a back up drive because my Skype log files will be destroyed in the process of resetting the Mac to its initial state.  I need about $250 to buy the forensic software to safely pull of the skype conversations for articles that I have yet to publish (some information I have sit on for now as events are still in process).

If anyone can help me out with this it will be greatly appreciated!  The paypal link is on the right of the blog.

PS: I want to thank everyone who helped me buy this Mac a year ago!  It has been a fantastic tool for the work that I didn’t even know I would be doing when the PC died last year.  You have no idea how helpful its been and continues to be to the work we are doing here.

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