Sophia Love – Most Recent Message – 16 December 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Two Updates December 15, 2013
Update # 1:
~Note to Readers:  The following came through last night.  In the context of the way it was given, it is being passed along here.  It is my belief that it is meant for certain eyes, not necessarily mine or perhaps yours.  I make no claims as to its truth or untruth, it is the latest information, as given.

We are dealing with the plot called “breaking point”. I will give You all known information.

It is going to start from 16 december. All GEs are on it, if we and other lightworkers and lightwarriors fail and Followers of Light won’t intervene, expect the black division of Forces of One.

nasa is covering the existence and approach of Ison, counterfeiting and removing images.

Russian Itar Tass is warning of meteor shower approaching, 26-28 December will be over north pole,

ISS may be under small bombardment very soon.

The whole chain of command in U.S. was changed, 18 generals were retired, substitutes have jewish descendancy, NSA marked all “conspiracy theorists”, islamists, christians and other religious groups to be removed once chaos will start, their list is big, they are to do it as silent as possible.

You can recall the fall of jedi and rise of the sith. Overall this plot is what we were warned before – a major plot, their last attempt, not the Syria, that was a mistake, and it is bigger than we thought.

Take care and have focus, nuclear plot is still active, it wasn’t prevented, positions the same from Charlotte – to Norfolk and from New York – to Pittsburgh two quadrants, possibly they can use emp instead of nuke, also more than one are possible.
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they will abuse everything he speaks to capture everyone that says at least something against government or this system, he is mentioning that this will be a regime, a one man rule. This is where they want to go.

Also, there are disinformers along lightworkers, they have jewish roots, they intentionally do this to fool and think everything is just as we want it to be.

And remember most important: power of thoughts are Your most powerful weapon!
This world is not fixed, every single thought is changing the outcome, so think positively and wish for peaceful solution to all of this.

Peace, Calm and Prosperity.


Another interesting thing for All to know is that Everyone was fooled about mayan calendar. The real ending date of mayan calendar is not december 21, 2012, but 16 december of 2013.

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(here on 2:00)
They made a true deception, we can give them that.

Update # 2

Right now will come what was asked for, this is the Shift of the Ages
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Perfect Triangle
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Perfect Cross
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This is what “leaders” are covering up
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these last revelations made our brother lightworker, DAHBOO77, very well done!

About Ison, there within the debris of Ison one of Followers of Light’s ship is positioned, so it can manipulate the debris field,
and another most important thing is about the composition of this great comet body. It is made from materials which were preserved there since the beginning of this Solar System,
so everything from it that is going to crash here, will bring huge modifications to this planet, and these modifications depends on our positive/negative attitude and thinking.
So if You wish everything to be positive, think and act as positively as You can on these moments of time.

We are currently preventing their plots, there is lot still to do, we think will make it in time until 24:00 17 december, that’s when their ritual finishes.

It was decided what the outcome will be, but still occult societies are at it and they will ask the higher forces to aid them in a very evil doings and they will be aided if not stopped tomorrow.
They can receive 0 aid if we All will asked the opposite of what they want, this are Unity, Peace, Harmony, Mutual Understanding, Love, Oneness.

Even if You are not believing this, You need at least to consider all of this, and one meditation for World Peace, Freedom, Stability will not hurt Anyone.

Like we now know, thanks to our brothers and sisters and all the lightworkers: illuminati order – west world “leaders” will be performing ritual in Voortrekker Monument – “it is an altar which marks new beginning according to Moerdijk (Marduk incarnate)” tomorrow.

And if lightworkers will not unite and meditate, and wish for Great Good Changes on that date, the wish of illuminati will be granted (partially), their wish is – complete world control through, false flags, martial law, death camps and much more suffering.

The only ones that can stop them now are All We, GEs, Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, this is our only attempt, we can make BIG difference now on 16th december, so please Unite in full Consensus, time for You to show it at it’s fullest maximum to One, the Creator of the Universe, so that Our United Voice can be heard forward and straight!

Tomorrow is the moment of Great Achievements! to original article

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