The Pleiadians – You are Being Transformed – 17 December 2013


Do you feel heavier since your full moon yesterday, since 12-12, or do you feel lighter? We say it is all the same as you go into the place where all is the same.  All experiences are being ushered into a state of perfect balance.  You are truly a neutral consciousness, that views all as the same, from eyes of love.  Yesterday, you were being cleared out, we say, even gutted (as it was fierce for many), of anything that blocked you from experiencing this truth.  Whatever was holding on like glue that caused you to not see the truth of the eyes of your I AM presence has been melted away. Today, you may experience this as relief, and if not relief, deep understanding of your soul patterns you agreed to experience here.

Oh yes, and you agreed.  You agreed for many lifetimes to contribute to this cause, and now we say, your agreement is complete.  This does not mean you must leave body.  Not at all.  This means you are here now to experience joy as your sole purpose.  You are here to enjoy.  Many of you are so used to the lessons, that you may try to hold on to feeling like you have to have problems.  Release your contract now, as you have done your work.  Now it is about reaping the benefits.  All the work you have done here  light beings will ripple out like a domino effect now as you watch and experience.

Some will say, but life is a journey.  We are never done.  You are not done with uncovering the eternal mystery, but you are done with having to try so hard to learn.  Your experiences now come with grace and ease. Even if your outside situation still somehow appears the same, you are being renewed inside, refreshed.  December the 21st will mark the next completion of the gateway as you merge both the heaven and earth connections.  The rays gold and silver are powerful for humans right now as they represent the colors of the cross over gates into 5th dimensional reality, as well as into the Earth reality.

How can you function with this revitalizing energy now as your most joyful self?  We ask you to please try to do very little other than stay present and alert.  You don’t need to do also these separate invocations for Merkabah, for DNA upgrades, or downloads, though they are enjoyable~~!You merely need to know you have already done this, and summon all realities into your NOW.

We now would like to speak of parallel realities.  Many speak of different realities all at once where you are on a peaceful Earth, and simultaneously where you are on a ruined Earth.  As you read this, and tap into this, we are specifically speaking to the consciousness that is on the in between Earth.  You are not on a ruined, doomed Earth reality.  And you are not on an exalted, pure light/love reality…yet.  You are in the middle on your way.  Many want to hurry up and embrace the Light/Love Earth.  It is very near to overlaying over your reality.  This next year, 2014, will be a time where the realities merge, hence the year of Oneness.  Your minds and projections are becoming so powerful, that you are able to see it all from a vast view, and higher up vantage point so to speak.  Keep merging all of them into your oneness for you are that grand of a being.  Yes, YOU! We are speaking to YOU! The more you melt these realities, your consciousness will transcend the experience even of multiple realities.  When we go into our 6th dimensional states and above, we see all as one, we do not see multiple realities.  There is coding in these words as we assist you NOW in melting the separation of realities as ONE so you may experience a deep acceptance, peace, and bliss, as you see it in this way.  It is all beautiful.  It is all love. Truly. We bring in now energies to release any heartache of any times in all space and time where you did not experience what we say here.  We are bringing in golden salve now on many of your hearts.  Many of your hearts have been etherically wounded.  Receive now this golden salve.  We love you so.  We say melt now all realities into the light of your beautiful glowing love, and acceptance of all.  Thank you for your receiving for you have just assisted many many.  So la re en lo.

We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.

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  2. Hi there, nice to meet a kindred soul through the ethers. I am in Florida. Hope to visit Sedona one day in divine timing. Thanks for connecting.