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John Ward – Fukushima “Breaking”…75 US Navy Sailors Have Cancer After Brief Visit To Leakage Site – 18 December 2013


Nimitz class carrier USS Ronald Reagan

Veteran human rights lawyer Charles Bonner (left) has bonnerpracticed law for 27 years, so by now he’s pretty good at it. Mr Bonner has been the lead attorney in over sixty-five jury trials involving civil rights cases, police misconduct, child protection and a myriad other attempts to protect the vulnerable poor from the mendacious rich. Now he is leading a class action lawsuit against TEPCO, the regulator/owner of the Fukushima nuclear energy plant. Continue reading


John Ward – QE & Austerity: Creosote Tells It Like It Is…- 18 December 2013


Jurst a teeny-weeny leetell tapeur. Jurst a weffer-theen tapeur….“F**k off” said Wall Street bon viveur Lloyd Creosote.

Oooh goweerrn: juse wern leeterrl omoaeopatheek tapeur…. Continue reading

DealBook – Ex-SAC Trader Is Convicted Of Insider Trading – 18 December



Michael S. Steinberg, the highest-ranking employee at SAC Capital Advisors to become ensnared in a sweeping insider trading investigation, was found guilty on Wednesday of trading on secrets gleaned from some of the nation’s largest technology companies.

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UK Column Live – 18th December 2013 (Today) – 18 December 2013

Uploaded on 18 December 2013 by ukcolumn Brian Gerrish and Louise Collins with a news update from the UK Column, including news from the Barton Moss fracking protest.

AmericanKabuki – AT&T Patents Tech That Can Block Copyright Pirates (And Anything Else) In Real-Time – 18 December 2013

Its not a small step to go from banning a video to banning a forbidden document or web page… they’re analyzing content and scoring the results in a database… And then acting as judge and law enforcement, who needs Judge Dredd when you have AT&T?  Now do you see why they consolidated the Internet Provider Services by subsidizing the Telecom giants with nice billion dollar wiretap contracts with the NSA and FBI? They can easily pressure the major telecom CEOs to comply but they could never do that without public exposure to the thousands of ISP providers that existed in the late 1990s.  There was no way the thousands of mom and pop ISPs could compete with the capital funding provided by the government agencies to these corporate giants…  – Bill

AT&T patents tech that can block copyright pirates in real-time
http://www.dailydot.com/technology/att-block-torrenting-software-piracy-hackers-patent/ Continue reading

Steve Lendman – Federal Judge Rules Against Mass Surveillance – 18 December 2013

StevelendmanOn December 16, Federal District Court of the District of Columbia Judge Richard Leon issued a damning 68-page ruling. He called NSA spying unconstitutional. It’s “almost Orwellian,” he said.
“The threshold issue is whether plaintiffs have a reasonable expectation of privacy that is violated when the Government indiscriminately collects their telephone metadata along with the metadata of hundreds of millions of other citizens without any particularized suspicion of wrongdoing, retains all of that metadata for five years, and then queries, analyzes, and investigates that data without prior judicial approval of the investigative targets.” Continue reading

James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 793 – John Young Breaks Down The Snowden/NSA Saga – 18 December 2013

JamesCorbett4Link To Podacst

John Young of Cryptome.org joins us to discuss the Snowden/NSA affair, and how it is being reported by Glenn Greenwald and others with access to the documents. We discuss the way in which the documents are being released, Greenwald’s new journalist venture with billionaire Pierre Omidyar and major book publishing deal, Sibel Edmonds’ recent series of articles on these connections, and the layers of smoke and mirrors in this ongoing game of cloak and dagger.

www.corbettreport.com / link to original article

Bill Ballard – Incoming Energies And My Personal Experience Of Lower Vibration – 18 December 2013

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Bill Ballard – Water Powered RV 3D Printed Mobile Homes Can Change Humanity – 18 December 2013

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WakingTimes – Julian Websdale – How To Induce Lucid Dreaming – 18 December 2013

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. The phenomenon had also been referred to by Greek philosopher Aristotle who had observed: “often when one is asleep, there is something in consciousness which declares that what then presents itself is but a dream”. One of the earliest references to personal experiences with lucid dreaming was by Marie-Jean-Léon, Marquis d’Hervey de Saint Denys. The person most widely acknowledged as having coined the term is Dutch psychiatrist and writer Frederik (Willem) van Eeden (1860–1932). Continue reading