Bill Ballard – Incoming Energies And My Personal Experience Of Lower Vibration – 18 December 2013

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It has been 4 years now I have held a higher space of frequency and vibration which when lived in that way is a state of grace with no accidents or other things that happen in one’s life while in that state. This weekend I allowed myself to come down to what I used to live in, for a while as I was seemingly grounded by the energies of others who I have been with these past weeks, but culminating this past weekend. I allowed myself to fall into the “old” Bill Ballard and play 4D for a while to experience and gain a great appreciation for having reached the higher levels of my integrated self.

It’s a good thing to sometimes allow a fall back into lower vibrations to see just how far we have come and also to appreciate what we have achieved in our ascension process. Yes, I can lower my vibrations in which I then, stutter, stub my toe stumble round or have other accidents, think about things rather than feeling them and going with the flow, to try to figure things out in my head instead of just reading the field and channeling the energies of ALL THAT IS… haha…

That was a fun experience, but only for a while… It really made me be thankful for that state of grace and perfection as the ego steps aside and higher self lives through this being which makes everything so very magical! Stepping out of grace for a while, just as we have since the Fall of Atlantis as a collective fall, as we pull back into those higher levels we have such great appreciation. You cannot KNOW the LIGHT without experiencing the Dark…

That was part of what the “Fall” was all about. NOW… Where we allow our consciousness to reside and how high of a frequency and LIGHT Quotient we choose to hold, that is a personal choice… The choice is to live in Heaven or Hell… and THAT IS A PERSONAL CHOICE!

Happy HolYdays!

Bill Ballard

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