Sophia Love – Most Recent Message – 18 December 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

December 17, 2013

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Okay, the day is over. what happened?

Still haven’t finished everything yet, but we still have some time left to do it.

During this day we achieved great success, their ritual was spoiled, in Voortrekker Monument Sun was obscured by clouds! With Our United Thoughts Creator Sun and Mother Earth aided Us! Thank You All that participated in this, we felt You, You did a Great Job!

Without Sun they were not able to ask for what they wanted, as Sun was in it’s Golden Gate (this is where Center of the Galaxy – Sage Star A-Great Creator is) with Moon being in it’s Silver Gate (opposite site of Golden, very rare alignment), this was the moment of “God’s Judgment” judgment here means seeing how Humanity attends to long waited event and those that Remembered it will be granted with reward. Reward is a single wish, Our United Wish.

Congratulations Everybody! Instead of their wish, Your United Voices were heard and One turned over to YOUR WISHES!

We also felt calming sense within us, did You felt the same?

I also recommend You Sophia (if You agree of course), to let Everyone comment on Your website anonymously, I sense People want to have Their say too, let Them say everything They want, even negative as People Are Free (of course if in case that it is highly negative/distracting and creating conflict this say can be removed).
“We all are equal sitting around the round circle.”

I also heard about Cobra’s new requirement petition for 144,000 signatures (in reality, if such petition would be fulfilled it would need all 7 billions signatures of every Human Being, as they are simply being ignored here), I may recommend You All to not apply (or use caution if You do), because poll was more than enough for Light Followers to act, they saw it and they know very well what is the situation on this Planet and what Humanity wants and needs.

They missed very great opportunity to intervene on 12.12.2013, Energies were outstanding!
What is done there is a blatant move in our understanding, it puts all Lightworkers in jeopardy as they (the government) will know Your names and emails.

Anyway We all did a great thing, now they won’t be able to make big damage! We are onto them, looking for next steps of their newest generals and old individuals in position, we will do our best to prevent all plots they want to make in the coming earth cycles. Overall not much time is left until this experiment will be over!

With Tranquility, Wisdom and Peace! / link to original article

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