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It’s coming to those last couple of days before Christmas and for those who struggle with the concept of spending hundreds of dollars for material objects that are supposed to express how we feel for someone, it can be stressful. Walking around the shopping malls, watching humans go a little feral to survive each other’s last minute frenzies….. all in the meaning of showing our love for someone.

How a $50 piece of plastic expresses “Thank you for being there when I was breaking down and you sat with me” – I don’t know! How the latest technical gadget shows someone that because they are in my life – “I am the happiest I have ever been.” These material objects can be superficial and the love energy that is in them may certainly be genuine, don’t get me wrong, but perhaps we have to be more conscious when we actually give and connect with the person we are giving it to. Connect to their soul, sit in gratitude and give love into their heart chakra. It’s a chance to stop and really show our gratitude for everyone in our family.

In more recent years I have really found the idea of western world Christmas quite crass and mechanical. Like we are all behaving a certain way because that is just what is done. Well, this year I decided to give up the norm, go inside and follow my inner voice and connect with myself speaking and acting my truth. Christmas will be no different.

Christmas to me is about the quality time we get to spend with loved ones. Yes, when they are all under the one house and it is crowded – things can get chaotic. I think, however, if we sat in gratitude each morning before we saw each other and set our intentions to really connect and love… Christmas could go back to the original meaning of celebrating life. For those who are of a certain religion it is particularly about celebrating the life of Jesus being born – for me it’s a chance to celebrate our life and those that are in it with us. Whether you are religious or not, it is an opportunity to make the most of time with family and friends and also ourselves.

When it comes to gifts this can still feel forced, so I wanted to share some conscious spiritual gifting ideas for those who would like to connect and reciprocate those who still believe in material gifts. Especially last minute – rather than braving the craziness energy of the shops, why not connect and create!

Here are a few creative spiritual ideas that may lead you to more ideas of your own. The idea is, to be able to show someone your gratitude for them being in your life while connecting to them as a person.

  1. Gratitude Boards: Make a wooden chalk board (some smooth wood and chalkboard paint (optional), buy some chalks and write at the top – Your daily gratitude board. An opportunity for friends/family to make their 2014 a special one.

  1. Recorded meditation: Perhaps you have your favourite yoga music and/or meditation. Re-record it on your phone (a great easy free app for that is Voice Record), personalise it and give it to them as a Christmas gift. Allowing them to connect to themselves and source every day – a daily reminder of how much you care for them.

  1. Nature Made – Gratitude Pictures: Go outside and collect nature – sticks, leaves, maybe even flowers. These are going to make your border of your gift. On some paper it’s time to write down what this person means to you. Perhaps with the heading “Thank you for being in my life”. You can list the reasons why this person means so much to you. Or what makes them so special. You have the freedom to create and connect. Then put some cardboard on the back and then glue the nature around like a border. Here is an easy made gift that can mean a lot more than a $50 gift card, for a lot less of the price. After all money can’t buy love! But opening your heart, connecting and speaking your truth certainly can and can be A LOT more powerful.

  1. Use your talents! Maybe you are an artist, maybe you secretly write songs, or create music, or have some other unique talent. Write a short story or poem, or remember for next year a book. These can last longer and mean more by sharing something that you love doing with someone that means something to you. So be free… create and connect.

Hopefully they inspire some real connection this Christmas. The last tip is about when you hand your gift over. Look the person in the eyes, and hug them – saying thank you for being in my life. If it is way too hard for you to do that, write it in a card. Give consciously. Connect. Love….. This energy is what can shift and change the world – use it abundantly! The more we give love and share love, the more it can be contagious. If the receiver feels love, they want to give love – it’s the natural way of things!

I hope this helps spread the love this Christmas! If you are still completely stuck and it is getting down to the real last minute with even not much time… I want to offer you a real last minute Christmas special gift that not only gives your loved one the tools to learn to love themselves and help them see what you see in them: a beautiful soul who deserves the best! I have decided to give you the same gift for free! So head over to Is Your Fork in Tune? and check out a gift that will be delivered to them on Christmas Day (and you can start ‘playing’ with right away!).

Wishing you a conscious, connected Christmas full of love and happiness!

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