Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Warmth Of The Sun – 22 December 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

Whatever gives you happiness, culture more of it. By happiness, I do not mean escape. I mean happiness as something you go toward.

Why not give yourself more and more happiness? Try it.

Some happiness-arising matters are laughter, smiles, kindness. Whether you give or receive these, they are happiness-producing.

Do you prefer ocean to mountains, or do both raise the vibration of your heart? Have both then. And if you cannot have either, read about them and look at pictures. If you live in a hot desert and you love the cold and long sun of Alaska, enjoy loving what you love wherever you are.

In every case, there is something of nature you love. Flowers, jungle, blue skies. The list is endless. Go with it.

Never mind about what you don’t like. Gravitate toward what you do like.

If you are gregarious, love parties. If you are someone who loves solitude, enjoy what you enjoy. No one is graded on this.

If you love to cook, cook. If you love restaurants, love restaurants.

Whatever you are like and whatever you like, have it. And if you cannot at present have it, then enjoy what you have.

Whatever elevates you heart, elevate it.

Whoever you are and whatever you are like, know you are entitled. Why shouldn’t you enjoy life while you are at it? Why quarrel with life? Why pick fights with it?

What is, is. Life is up for grabs. You don’t have to be fussy. You don’t have to be fussy at all. If you were not so fussy, you would be more pleased.

You are the maker of your own happiness. If you can’t have all that you want, then enjoy what you do have. What is so great about being particular?

Engage with life. If you don’t happen to like what is for supper, enjoy it anyway.

If you don’t happen to like the rain, like the wetness of rain. Watch it from your window, and like it.

If you don’t happen to like the bright sun, wear sunglasses and appreciate the warmth of the sun. Appreciate its yellowness and its rays.

Be an appreciator rather than a negator. Is it really easier to note what you don’t appreciate than to applaud what you do?

With people, it is the same. You say you don’t like this one or that one. Hey, like them anyway! You don’t have to dislike anyone. It’s like this. If you play the piano, play the songs you like. Like any song you play. You are your own piano when it comes to life. You are the one who plays its composition. You are the one who hears the music you play. Applaud your playing. Applaud the vibrations you send out to the world. Applaud your life. You are its true audience. Be happy to applaud.

Applaud yourself, the star of your life. Applaud your applauding. Clap for your spirit of life. Clap for the production you put together. Major in the joy you take in life. Downplay that which you do not enjoy in life. Today you feel one way about something. Tomorrow you might feel another way.

Not only does life change, you also change. What is in your hands may seem like dross, yet it can be gold. If it is not gold, it can be the predecessor of gold. Welcome whatever comes for the placeholder that it is. Give credit to your life and to yourself. Give credit. Be like a host to your life. Serve tea. link to original article


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