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Steve Lendman – Making War, Not Peace In Syria – 22 December 2013

Stevelendman(Lucas: Yes, and we go for a round two on Syria, the people said already NO and now Israel gets her way with support of Saudi Arabia….The rogue nations are still going for their goals. When does this idiocy and pure insanity stop!)
On January 22, so-called Geneva II peace talks begin in Montreux, Switzerland. On January 24, they’ll continue in Geneva.
They’re dead on arrival before beginning. Radicalized elements dominate anti-Assad forces. They reject peace. Continue reading

James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Media Lies While Syrians Die: Media Disinformation And The Syrian War – 22 December 2013

JamesCorbett4Link to podcast

by James Corbett
December 21, 2013

Months after the events took place, Pulitzer prize winning journalists and others are finally reporting about the lies and manipulations of the US government regarding the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria. Far from shining a light on the true situation in the country, however, these reports continue to avoid the underlying causes and explanations for what is happening in Syria, and the forces that are behind it. This is the GRTV Backgrounder on Global Research TV. Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 22 December 2013

marlene1-1Beloved Ones,

The high energy of love pours down upon your planet as the people celebrate with their families and loved ones. This is the magical time of year when everyone believes in all possibilities and that the good will that is manifest will make all things right in the world. Love abounds deep within each soul and each earnestly desires and looks forward to a symbolic new beginning in the coming New Year. Much has changed in the year that is past and as the people look back in review, they will feel astonished at all that has occurred. If people would keep track of all the developments in all sectors of human life upon the Earth, they would see that, indeed, their world is changing dramatically. Continue reading

ActivistPost – Kenny Valenzuela – 743,000 Gardasil Shots Recalled: Contaminated with Glass Particles – 22 December 2013

Continue reading

ActivistPost – Black Budget: US Govt Clueless About Missing Pentagon Trillions – 22 December 2013

via www.activistpost.com/ link to original article

Laura Bruno – James Gilliland – A New Age Denial And Death Sentence – 22 December 2013

laura-of-the-rocksThanks to Mary for sending this my way. It goes right along with the series of posts here, here and here, along with many others. Wake up, get grounded, take action. Lather, rinse, repeat. As James says, “[D]rop the denial, the mind control, the spiritual ego and get busy we have a planet to turn around. It is time for right thinking, right action, right living, impeccable integrity and to stand in your own divinity leading yourself from your own heart and soul.” Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Expect Higher Mortgage Loan Rates In 2014; New “QM” Rules May Mean Less Lending – 22 December 2013

MishMikeShedlockIn regards to Average 30-Year Mortgage Rate Hits 4.47% (Not Counting Fees); Affordability Check Michael Becker at WCS Funding Group just pinged me with his thoughts on why mortgage rates will go up in 2014 even if treasury rates stay flat.

Michael writes …

Hey Mish,

I was just reading your post on rising mortgage rates and I can confirm that mortgage rates are approaching the highs reached earlier this year in early September. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Warmth Of The Sun – 22 December 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

Whatever gives you happiness, culture more of it. By happiness, I do not mean escape. I mean happiness as something you go toward.

Why not give yourself more and more happiness? Try it.

Some happiness-arising matters are laughter, smiles, kindness. Whether you give or receive these, they are happiness-producing. Continue reading

BusinessInsider – Target Reports Few Incidents Of Fraud After Hackers Stole 40 Million Credit Cards – 22 December 2013

businessInsiderUS retailer Target, which revealed this week that some 40 million customers’ credit and debit cards may have been compromised, said Saturday that few incidents of fraud had occurred.

The popular chain store announced Thursday that hackers broke into its payment system between November 27 and December 15, stealing debit and credit card data during the hight of Christmas shopping.

Read the whole story at: www.businessinsider.com / link to original article

John Ward – Media Manipulation: The Telegraph Provides A Classic Case History – 22 December 2013

bbshotfinalBrecqou boys rule, OK

Every Monday, the Barclay Brothers owned Daily Telegraph gives over a column entirely devoted to how wonderful Boris Johnson is, written by Boris Johnson. When the London Mayor says or does anything, the Telegraph can be relied upon to big up the ‘story’. When Johnson is caught out in some way, the Telegraph rarely if ever prints the story – and certainly never leads with it. There is an obvious but as yet ill-defined link between the B’s and Bojo. Continue reading