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Jon Rappoport – Can We Heal Our Differences? – 23 December 2013

jon7Is it possible? Is it possible to do without invoking and pushing a particular belief?

It appears that we are here to supply an answer to that question—all the while trying to fend off men who are determined to capitalize on our disagreements, exacerbate them, and use them to their advantage.

Even love, which is said to be the ultimate answer, is, in the hands of some, a business, a promotional tool, a political angle, an astounding perversion of the real thing. Continue reading


Laura Bruno – Magicak Wands And The Flu – 23 December 2013

laura-of-the-rocksNote: I tried to publish this with the original article title: “Pregnant Nurse Fired for Refusing Toxic Flu Shot,” but WordPress wouldn’t let me post it. Now, isn’t that special? Move along, folks, nothin’ to see here. We’ll see if this revised title and some alternate spelling make it past the online censors. In all seriousness, this increasing prospect of m@ndatory v@ccination is the primary reason I bought a magick wand and committed to learning magickal self-defense. Continue reading

BrianKelly’sBlog – The Federal Reserve Act Is Expiring – This December 23, 2013 – 23 December 2013

December 23, 2013

Well, I’m about to do two things I never really do on this blog 1. Share an article from Jean Haines and 2. Post something that was sent to me about NESARA. I’ve been off the grid for the last few days decompressing from the non-stop activity of the OPAL Tour, so I haven’t had a chance to really do much digging on this as of yet. I leave it to you all to exercise your own discernment. Should have my computer back in a few days so will be able to get back on track with some much behind blogging. Much Love and blessings to you all and Happy Holidays! ~BK Continue reading

Wes Annac – Equality For Everyone: It’s Time To End The War – 23 December 2013

wes-annac-300x229I woke up this morning with incredible inspiration to create and be real change for this planet.

As great as talking and writing about a new paradigm is, what can we do right now to start building one? I’m aware that people all around the world are creating real change for us all to benefit from, but I think we all need to be as active as them. Continue reading

John Ward – Greece : Not Much In The Way Of Christmas Fayre, And Even Less That’s Fair To The Greeks – 23 December 2013

samaras&wifetitleAntonis Samaras, the Greek Prime Minister, has a son at the best Athens school…the way you do. Being a chip off the paternal bloc, the son of Atonikis is not very bright, and was thus reduced to cheating in an exam at Athens  College for the Spawn of the Élite. He was caught doing this bad stuff (also a family trait) and so the teacher gave him a Fail Grade. She didn’t expel the little prick as I would’ve done, she merely failed him for the one test. This bad decision cost the lady her job. She was fired, and appealed, but the appeal was dismissed. Continue reading

Eileen Meyer – The Magnetics Of Gold – Release The Slaves! – 23 December 2013

eileenmeyerThis past Friday, Winter Solstice, I did something that I’ve never done before in all of my days as a slave. I walked out of my office day-job (executive assistant to the CEO in media and advertising) because my truth-telling and integrity in this particular environment reached its peak of contrast and acceptability. I am chuckling as a write this little summation. You can imagine there is so much more to the story, but I notice with the precision of this particular solstice energy, I have no more attention span for the past and old paradigm ways of being. I feel a definite cosmic line was drawn. So in the past few days I’ve been healing and making sure my cosmic telephone is charged and ready to go, along with practicing trust that I will “attract” all of the resources that I need to thrive now.

Sunday morning’s visions and encoded frequency messages were all about the magnetic properties of gold. I’ve received a lot on this topic in the past, since 2002 when I was strongly guided to pick up and move with my partner and 4-leggeds, to a location at the foot of a small mountain range where I was informed by the “visitors” that there were large deposits of gold. It was here that I kept journals on my education of the power of the frequency of gold. I was literally remembering and re-awakening aspects of myself through this intensive re-training and alignment. Eleven years ago, the rural town folk nearby didn’t seem to know much about gold deposits in their mountains… until a few months ago when it was all over the news that a big mining company was planning to set up shop and extract all that gold. I really do love when validation comes.  Albuquerque Company Eyes Gold in Ortiz Mountains

Because I don’t have a scientific vocabulary, this kind of download information isn’t usually translated into words. I absorb it through the pictures in my 3rd eye and the amazing (magnetic) vibrations of Love. When asked about what I was up to, I would mention that I was receiving new understandings about gold and its magnetic properties, and most importantly, I could actually feel it interacting with my own energetics, as if it were unlocking pathways within my very cellular structure. People who were “educated within the system” would have none of it. Everybody knows that gold doesn’t have magnetic properties. Yesterday morning I was nudged to look it up and was delighted to find some recent published research on the topic.

Gold nanoparticles currently elicit an intense and very broad research activity because of their peculiar properties. Be it in catalysis, optics, electronics, sensing or theranostics, new applications are found daily for these materials. Approximately a decade ago a report was published with magnetometry data showing that gold nanoparticles, most surprisingly, could also be magnetic, with features that the usual rules of magnetism were unable to explain.

Another paper stated,

For millennia, gold has been used by humanity as an exchange token, and also as an element on which to express art and beauty because of its inertness and brilliance. However, when the size of a gold sample is reduced to the nanometre scale, its physical properties change. In bulk form, gold is a diamagnetic metal, while nanoparticles of diameter 1.4 nm, capped with thiol molecules, show a paramagnetic response, albeit a very small one [1]. During the last decade, there has been a strong debate on whether this magnetism is intrinsic to the Au atoms forming the nanoparticle, or whether it arises from extrinsic effects at the surface, impurities, or other possible sources of a minute magnetic signal.

X-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD) measured at the Au L2,3 edges is an element-selective technique. A few XMCD studies have already been performed on Au-thiol capped nanoparticles, permitting the magnetism of 5d origin to be observed.

I’m still looking into all of this and synthesizing it, but suffice it to say that I’ve learned a lot since following the nudge to do the research. The pictures and feelings that informed me had to do with Comet ISON seeding our Solar System and opening the “gateways of gold”… plus I received another nudge to look into how this frequency unlocks our very DNA. I wrote this note after communion with this intelligence…

ISON is here to provide the openings – working in conjunction with our Sun and solar system. Some of us are “bringing it down” so to speak and anchoring it within our own physicality (something to do with DNA) and restoring our value – the gold or grail of our being – that we were misled to believe was outside of ourselves and we had to work hard (slavery) to “earn” and “deserve”.  Grounding this now-available vertical energy creates a resonance in the properties of the Gold that WE are and shoots out horizontally – affecting everything and everyone in our midst, the biosphere and beyond.

This has been an offering of just a piece of the puzzle, or maybe it’s nothing at all. I’m always grateful when I find the little gems from all of you that help me to see a larger truth. Maybe there’s just a bit in here that someone more scientifically oriented might find helpful.

I’ll leave you with this inspirational message from 12/15/13

Let’s go through this doorway together, shall we? You are not alone in this process. And the more that you allow yourselves to feel these vibrations in your own bodies, the more that you will be encouraged and you will know and understand things instantaneously that you never could have imagined from your fragmented state. Trust this. There is the core of your being, the core of your heart that does understand this. There is the core of your very own DNA that understands this. We are simply asking you to allow it. Let go of the small world and embrace the infinite. We promise you… PROMISE you, much joy and much excitement in allowing yourselves to be present with this. We thank you for your courage. We admire you. We honor you. We celebrate you. Thank you for being HERE NOW.

www.adaptingtograce.com / link to original article

Lucas – A Virtual Christmas – Or A Feast Of Light Within – 23 December 2013

https://i0.wp.com/www.noao.edu/image_gallery/images/d6/m50y.jpgIf we now look with an honest open vision to the Christmas that has become a virtual show of faked grandness, faked abundance and faked warmth towards our own bothers and sisters  that are less well off or poor it should be clear we just staged a play returning every year.  It isn’t even a pantomine.

The purpose of it is a false  sense of sincerity towards your fellow human kind. It also comes with a wide range of other fictitious stories we made our selves belief in.  It is about the holy of holiest the buying of happiness in all sorts of forms. It is not about being the grace and light you always have been. It is about you just playing a role like in a Dickens carol story set in this moment of now. Continue reading

Laura Bruno – Elf Lobby Blocks Iceland Road Project – 23 December 2013

laura-of-the-rocksOh, those Icelanders and their elves! This headline appeared in Sunday’s edition of The Guardian (thanks, Tania!):

“Elf lobby blocks Iceland road project

Supreme court to rule on case brought by Friends of Lava, who cite environmental impact of highway and effect on elf culture”

The article details the complex debate among environmentalists, elf-communicators, politicians and would-be highway builders. Although road projects have been halted before due to elf concerns, this one threatens to go right through an “Elf Church,” and so it’s raised particular concerns in a country where an estimated 62% of the population believes that elves at least might exist. One of my favorite excerpts: Continue reading

Pam Younghans – NorthPoint Astrology Journal – Week 23 December – 23 December 2013

PamYounghansHighlighted Aspects this Week

TUE: Mercury enters Capricorn, Neptune sextile Sun; WED: Uranus opposite Mars; THU: Neptune sextile Mercury, Saturn semisquare Sun; FRI: Saturn semisquare Mercury, Chiron quincunx Mars; SAT: Sun conjunct Mercury; SUN: Uranus square Mercury, Uranus square Sun

IT IS PERHAPSold news that comet ISON did not survive its close encounter with the Sun in late November, at least not in its full form. As astrophysicist Karl Battams wrote on his blog, comet ISON “clearly fell apart in the hours surrounding its close brush with the Sun and now exists simply as a dusty cloud and some warm fuzzy memories.” Continue reading

Amnesty in Putin’s Russia Is ‘A Hoax’ Says Pussy Riot Upon Release – 23 December 2013

common-dreams‘If I had a chance to turn it down, I would have done it, no doubt about that,’ says one. ‘This is not an amnesty. This is a hoax.’

– Jon Queally, staff writer
Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina, two members of the Russian protest group Pussy Riot, were released from prison Monday following the passage of an amnesty law in the country that was signed by President Vladimir Putin last week.