Lucas – A Virtual Christmas – Or A Feast Of Light Within – 23 December 2013 we now look with an honest open vision to the Christmas that has become a virtual show of faked grandness, faked abundance and faked warmth towards our own bothers and sisters  that are less well off or poor it should be clear we just staged a play returning every year.  It isn’t even a pantomine.

The purpose of it is a false  sense of sincerity towards your fellow human kind. It also comes with a wide range of other fictitious stories we made our selves belief in.  It is about the holy of holiest the buying of happiness in all sorts of forms. It is not about being the grace and light you always have been. It is about you just playing a role like in a Dickens carol story set in this moment of now.

Would the virtual play that now has been programmed in our minds via television and pc, tablet and smartphones games, advertisement and precious shopping experiences and the odd and every lasting Christmas movie and feeding frenzy really have an ending.  It is that what I belief is going to be happening.

Human kind is opening up from the virtual matrix into a real out of the box experience of Christmas that never was the Jesus and Mary story nor was about Santa Claus. It was about us seeing the new light coming alive in our midst as the days get longer from the solstice onward.  It  is the special day in our spiritual lives to celebrate a new beginning and a new life cycle of nature.

The glory of the light is still vague remembered in us dressing up the rooms with christmas-lights, open fires burning and also lots of candles. The Christ that was born into this world was also representing the light in that Christian way of integrating the feast of light into the calendar and its belief. It is alright whatever belief or perception you have. All the major beliefs have some sort of feast of light.

The most important for us to see is that Christmas is also to trigger your own light within. It is  about remembering you as the lightbeing you are that shines even without knowing.  We are all just like little stars on the firmament that make up a hell of a grand unending christmas light sky. The light you are and can be for others is what you should remember.

The feast of light can only be a feast of light with your light truly shining within and therefore reflecting on the outside of you also.  That light you are can bring new life, new ideas, new ways and new creations into being. It is the light that is connecting you to the all and is your tool to be able to get to your manifesting powers.

It all will show itself sooner or later. Have a grand shining Christmas where ever you are and with whatever you have. Remember to shine, share and give your love towards all and make a new beginning. It is that what in my eyes the feast of light is about.  Enjoy!

Happy light feast, Happy Christmas,


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  2. Thank you, Lucas! Have a great and very happy Christmas, too, full of Light and Joy!