Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – This Illustrious Journey To God – 26 December 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

Just as some days are sunny and some are rainy, some days you feel grandly energetic and other days perhaps lackluster. Some days you are so healthy, and other days, you feel unwell, perhaps even sure that you won’t make it through.

Best not to get caught up so much on how you feel.

Beloveds, there is no end to you. You are eternal. You well know that your body is not you. It is a costume you wear. When you leave your body behind, you will be infinitely happy. It will be like you have taken off a cloak that has kept your arms bound and kept you from flying, a cloak that has kept you from knowing. You are not held to this short imprisonment in a body on Earth. Your value is far more than how long you live. Your value is limitless and, therefore, regardless of how long your body lives.

Once you’ve dropped off your body, you are on a different elevation.

Actually, you have already had some glimpses of Heaven. What is there to resist?

Live on Earth while you live on Earth. When the time of your life on Earth in a body is over, you are going on a wonderful journey. You are going Home and recapturing all that you had forgotten. You do go Home again, and everyone will be taking this illustrious journey to Me.

You do not know the hour or the day. Just as in life, when the time comes, it comes. And until it comes, it’s not your concern.

In Heaven, there are no symptoms. There are no aches or pains. There is no fear because you well know there is nothing to fear. Death is simply a change of scenery for you. You can consider, if you like, that you are on a cruise where there is no seasickness and no worries. It is impossible for you to be sick with worry in Heaven. There are no fears, and there is no worry. On Earth, bodies can become sick with worry. You can stop that now, if you choose. More substantive thoughts can be a decision you make.

In Heaven all is good. Subtly, you are in Heaven right now, even as you might be chewing your fingernails. All worry is for nothing. Your accommodations may not be all you would like, yet what do accommodations have to do with you who are far greater than your accommodations or anything else. There is something more for you to depend on than situations in the world.

It has been said that you can rise above circumstances. This is true, yet, at the same time, I tell you firmly that circumstances have no bearing on you. They don’t have the say of you. Circumstances are not the determinants of you. You are the determinant of you. Nothing is to keep you down. You are a being who rises.

Lift your head up now. Bow down to no man. Lift up your eyes to Mine. You will not want to look down again. There is a horizon, and you walking to it. It may seem far away to you, yet it is as close as I am, and that is very close. We are so close that We are One. There really is no you out there somewhere else. For a time, you are asleep, and you dream a dream that you are far away. Now, roll over, and remember who you are and where you really are and where you have never left except in this dream you are having. Open your eyes. / link to original article


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