Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Your Passage Across The Sea Of Life – 27 December 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

You and I are One indelible One. You are never without Me. This is a given. No matter who you are, no matter your condition, no matter what, We are One. Whether you are aware of our Oneness or not, this is how it is.

In terms of the world, beloveds, you solo. In terms of the world, you stand alone. It’s true that you and I are One, and all are One, yet in terms of life in the world, it is not for you to wait for anyone else to steer your ship of life. You wait for no man. Nor do you wait for Me to initiate change in your life or to reclaim the past. This is your life We are speaking of.

When you are a child, your life is dependent upon others. No longer are you a child. And now you steer your own ship and you are responsible for the direction you choose and the substance of your voyage.

Does this feel burdensome to you? You might rather be a passenger who goes along for the ride, leaving it to someone else, yet that is not how it works. You cannot leave your ship to the care and handling of any other. Beloveds, it is you yourself you have to rely on. Who can write the story of your life but you?

Of course, certainly, you can have first mates along the way, yet first mates also have their own lives to take care of, and sometimes first mates have to steer their own ships through the shoals, and cannot be so dedicated to your ship. Waves roll in, and waves roll out. You cannot steer your first mate’s ship and your own at the same time, nor can your first mate steer two ships at once. It often comes down to your steering your ship and his steering his. There isn’t anything to fault.

Do not think that distance has to mean a parting of hearts. This is not a question of love. Love can stay intact whether you sail east and your first mate sails west. What is love dependent on but love? There are no requirements for love. Love is given freely. There is no obligation to love. If you must, kiss your first mate goodbye. When he can come back to visit, greet him. Nothing is changed but circumstance. This is hard for you to understand. You do not as yet understand how one can take a different course and love you still.

You have your show to run, and you and I run it. In the terms I speak of now, it is you and I. We are the Permanent Partners. Your passage across the sea of life depends upon Us and no one else. We are the masters of your ship, and We are together for your entire journey. In fact, We are endless. There is never an end to Our journey. We are always, and I am always with your first mate as well. That is a good thing about Me. I am with everyone always. I can fit everyone and everything in. Others can only fit in so much, and you can only fit in so much. And this is how it is in the world.

There is only so much you can do for another, and only so much another can do for you. Ships can meet side by side, and ships can pass each other and turn around and meet again. Yet one ship cannot seemingly tow another all the time, for each ship has its own course to follow. Yet your heart is not dependent upon the direction another has to follow.

And when you and your first mate meet again, ring bells of happiness and flash your ships’ lights in recognition of each other.

Beloveds, not even in death do you part. There is no parting. Certainly, in life, hearts continue as One even when it does not seem so to you. Listen to Me. Once united, always united. Whether a first mate is right beside you or continents away, love is yours to give and receive. You are to be love, not dependency. You can do it. You and I can do it. / link to original article


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