Lisa Gawlas – A New Earthm A New Human And A New Day, Dawns! – 27 December 2013

lisagawlas2I hope everyone had an amazing holiday.  I am in Virginia with my children thanx to a very loving boyfriend (of my youngest daughter) and my son.  I have been wanting to share what we experienced on in the readings on the 23rd, well, since the 23rd, but I have been traveling/visiting the last several days and nowhere near my laptop.

I knew the field had to have shifted after all the solstice energy, but man, it was breathtaking thru every view.  A theme started to unfold and remained steady thru every connection, a golden energetic sun rising up above the 2014 energetic line.  A brand new dawn of a day, in a brand new world of heavenly energy!!  I also realized too, that intense golden energy line I see as 2014, altho still very much way up in the air, was changing, blending into the sun’s energy, or maybe the sun was blending into it.  One thing for sure, you could feel the heightened energy coming from it all.

This energy vibration I have been referring to as 2014 runs from left to right (south to north) in my field of vision, so I was surprised, if not a bit confused, when my first lady on the field started walking from eastward, creating a golden energy line/vibration as she walked out above the earth.  It took me our entire connection to really understand what I was seeing and what she was doing… forming a new web of life.  It was interesting because thru her reading, my eyes kept going to her bare feet, which I realized eventually, that just the mere fact she walks upon this new earth, is laying down the fabric that will hold it all together.

My second lady showed up in the energy I call January, still way up above the earth on the frequency I call 2014, and it appeared she was shoveling in the golden energy of the ground.  Several times I heard her team say she was “breaking ground” on the new earth.  Think, new construction sites.  I realized a bigger, even more exciting picture was taking place.

We are all the construction crew, well, at least those who have cleared our biological field to match the energy of Shambhala, we are not only the initial inhabitants, but the ground crew as well.  From the human going thru their days, it can really seem like we aren’t doing anything, when in reality, we are doing so very much, which is why our bodies feel like they do.  If you can imagine the new fabric of our world a complete blend of human and soul energy, a brand new thread that has created the fabric, a fabric we often think of as the space-time field as well as the electromagnetic field, the human energy is now fully part of the ground work.

I had the pure pleasure of witnessing what this new world we now inhabit works like in real-time.

My trip to Virginia was a sudden and completely unexpected journey I decided to give in to.  My daughters boyfriend knew his gal so wanted to be with her mama during the holidays and he sent me a facebook message insisting I get my butt to VA.  After pacing for several hours and his insistence on buying my ticket as a part of her present, I gave in and said ok.  But, I was a surprise for her, so I couldn’t say anything on facebook.  He is a fireman and medic here in Newport News and worked Christmas eve until 8am Christmas day and we had to figure out how to get her to the firehouse on christmas eve without letting the cat (ummm, me) out of the bag.  His biggest concern was the fact that christmas eve is usually a very very busy day for both fireman and paramedics and he was worried that even if we planned something, an emergency would take him away from the plan.  I told him not to worry about it, I will put an energy field down around his area so that all stays calm and allows this surprise to take place.

My son took me to the firehouse and Michael (my daughters boyfriend) concocted a plan that would not have her even question his need for her to come there… something about needing a clean uniform.  When I arrived, all the firemen/woman was having christmas eve dinner together and they stated how incredibly slow their day has been going, almost no emergency’s coming in.  I had to smile.

They wrapped me up in an ambulance and my daughter got the surprise of her life.  I have heard of popping out of a cake, but I literally popped out of the back of an ambulance and her face was priceless!!  Not even 15 minutes later, the fire alarms started.  My son, daughter and myself left to go see a movie and spend Christmas eve together, planning to return to their home (my daughter and her boyfriends) in the morning.

When we arrived at their house Christmas morning, I had asked Michael if it stayed slow for the rest of the night, he said no, as soon as we left it got crazy busy and even what they had to tend to was crazy and intense.

I had to smile because in action, I didn’t do anything.  No meditation to place an energy field down, no anything beyond typing out a sentence of intent to a man who is madly in love with my baby girl.

I instantly thought back to the several times spirit said we no longer have to do what we had normally done.  No fancy fare, no need to visualize, no rituals… it’s all pure intention, emotion and desire.  Sure enough, I witnessed the truth of that first hand.

But it got even more exciting, to the point of actually dumbfounded me.  I brought my orb capturing camera to take pictures with.  When I turned on my camera it wouldn’t let me take the first picture, insisting I set the new date and time.  From the moment I received this camera, I never had to set the date and time and I had to smile at the default timeline that was on my camera 2011/1/1.

Something so ordinary as a camera recognized the fact that we are no longer in the same timeline, the same energy as ever before and its last recognizable date was 2011 the end of that two-year cycle and all the cycles before that.

Together, we are the reality of Shambhala, all that goes with the energetics of Heaven, living out loud and in body, on an earth that has waited her whole lifetime for this (non) time!!

May the energy and realness of The Christ, the Buddha, Krishna and every other master live thru you, as you!

Merry, Merry Christ-mas to all.

((((HUGZ)))) of comfort and joy and big ass celebrations to ALL!!

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