Lucas – Three Kings Following The Stars – Wisdom Lies In The Heart – 27 December 2013 an observation post somewhere outside earth I am looking to what is seen as the movement of day and night and the stars and celestial bodies changing places in the orbits of this beautiful blue planet.  In the northern hemisphere the winter solstice brought the sun back to shine every day a bit longer till the mid-summer solstice.  The story of three kings that found their way in a book known to you as the bible you will probably have heard of.

They have been no kings but most probable very good astrologist and astronomers that where often in high positions at the kings or rulers courts of those days.  The stars, the planets and their movements  had often more impact than any other ritual, priest or book. The talent and art of the knowledge of the stars was having a big impact. The three mystical kings where following in the story a star that was connected to a special event they all three had foreseen in the stars.

It was that what was the reason for their travel towards that special place the star would point out, so the story says.  What I observed from my place between the stars is the birth of a new energy format we are getting to expand ourselves and our creations upon and we will learn to live with and play with it to make things happen in a new loving and also for the better of all way.

There is so much movement seen from here above on the multiple levels of vibrational frequency patterns upon this earth within this newly expanding energy format you sometimes call the new paradigm.  And all is here in the now available in all dimensional formats. The broken parts of the past will not be replaced. They are gonna vanish or be reintegrated to be part of a new way of doing, seeing and sensing things.  The power of the old structures,  dogmas, patterns and beliefs will become less and less important.

It is now becoming clear to a lot of you that personal change and changing the life you lived before is needed to make a new way happening. It is the uncertainty, the struggle of leaving behind the convenient things you always knew and swop them for adventurous and unknown paths to walk. Exploring the always forgotten talents or hidden new ones and creating a new life for you.  If we all get out of our comfort zone and embrace that what is new there will be stars twinkling as you never have seen them before. Your heart will know what is best.

It is the energy of the wisdom that lies in the heart that is your portal to a new start in connecting your embodied you with you earth and your higher self-realization that is always in connection with source, the All that is.  If you have found out your connections you will be on your path for activations towards that what we all will see an elevation of our human kind to a new frequency level experience.

It is on all sorts of levels playing out and in very straight forward grounded deep-rooted ways. All the dimensional levels will have needs of shifting. On macro economic/financial level or the government and world organization levels we see shifts in searching for coming goals and solutions often still driven by the hidden agendas of self-enrichment, or having power over.  On abstract group levels you see also movements in getting together to make certain common beliefs or goals happening. Also the opposite of  leaving groups for personal growth and empowerment is happening.

All the movements eventually are part of the one and only change you can make and that is within and personal. The start was always One and from there it can become a building block that connects in so many ways to make up a story between more, and eventually worlds and exiting new life and universes in multidimensional form. There is just a little wisdom needed that is found always in that place that is : Your Heart!

So enjoy you being the new light that has come to be born into the new world in this period. Shine upon your new fantastic journey and toast on the new day of a fictitious new year in the now and on your greatness. The three kings will follow those radiating stars you all.  You all are becoming on the firmament stars of  a new astrology and astronomy that will change the course of things as it is humanities destiny.

Love and Light,



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