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NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Yet Another Vaccine Researcher Caught Faking Research; Vaccine Industry Riddled With Scientific Fraud – 27 December 2013

(Naturalnews-Logo2NaturalNews) Yet another vaccine researcher has been caught faking research on a bogus AIDS vaccine, adding to the pattern of scientific fraud and criminality that characterizes the modern-day vaccine industry. Dr. Dong-Pyou Han from Iowa State University has resigned this week after admitting he spiked rabbit blood samples with healthy human blood to falsely show the presence of antibodies that would “prove” his AIDS vaccine worked.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) was so convinced by the fraud that they gave Han $19 million in research funding. The NIH later found the fraud after attempting to replicate Han’s work and figuring out something was terribly wrong with the research. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – A New Earthm A New Human And A New Day, Dawns! – 27 December 2013

lisagawlas2I hope everyone had an amazing holiday.  I am in Virginia with my children thanx to a very loving boyfriend (of my youngest daughter) and my son.  I have been wanting to share what we experienced on in the readings on the 23rd, well, since the 23rd, but I have been traveling/visiting the last several days and nowhere near my laptop.

I knew the field had to have shifted after all the solstice energy, but man, it was breathtaking thru every view.  A theme started to unfold and remained steady thru every connection, a golden energetic sun rising up above the 2014 energetic line.  A brand new dawn of a day, in a brand new world of heavenly energy!!  I also realized too, that intense golden energy line I see as 2014, altho still very much way up in the air, was changing, blending into the sun’s energy, or maybe the sun was blending into it.  One thing for sure, you could feel the heightened energy coming from it all. Continue reading

Federal Government Admits To Warrantless Spying In California Court – 27 December 2013

Ben Swann

From Ben Swann

Article submitted by guest contributor Ezra Van Auken.

How much is too much and how much is never enough? That’s the question National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, turned whistleblower, Edward Snowden asked himself before withdrawing from the agency in June. Certainly though, Snowden hasn’t fallen short of data leaks, releasing 200,000 documents to media outlets since his feat against government relations began. Of course, it isn’t the end, and officials know this.

Speaking to the NY Times, an anonymous senior official explained, “They’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of man-hours trying to reconstruct everything he has gotten, and they still don’t know all of what he took,” suggesting that the entire situation is crazy. Not only has whistleblower Snowden managed the largest government data leak in American history, but also the 30-year-old has left officials clueless with how much was comprised.

The task force team assembled after the Snowden leaks, believes the NSA leaker is still holding information, not yet leaked. Rick Ledgett, the leader of the task team, says a fear of more leakage is why administration officials are negotiating amnesty in the US for Snowden, if he decides to stop the Snowden storm. Of course, trusting the same administration that you’ve seemingly betrayed might be beyond Snowden at this point.

And the NSA whistleblower hasn’t hesitated when it comes to the disposal of information, at least to exclusive journalists and officials. Taking into consideration every move by Snowden, it’s almost in President Obama’s best interest to neglect Snowden’s amnesty request, if the option arose. Confirming that premise, the White House said last week that Snowden wouldn’t be rewarded with the option of amnesty.

Spokesperson Jay Carney noted, “Mr Snowden has been accused of leaking classified information and he faces felony charges in the US.” Telling reporters that the whistleblower, which is currently living in Russia, should be brought back to the US for due process. While the administration closes its doors to Snowden, it opens up to foreign countries, briefing officials on what Snowden took and allowing a forum to be adopted.

StreetsOfLove-Unconditional – Angel Lucci – Exposing The Shadow “Elite” Controlling The World – 27 December 2013

angellucciHumans Are Free
So who really controls the world? The Illuminati? Freemasons? The Bilderberg Group?Or are these all red herrings to distract your prying eyes from the real global elite? The answer, like most topics worth exploring, is not quite so simple. Have no doubt, there are secretive global powers whose only goal is to keep and grow that power. But it really may not be as secretive as you would think. And that is what makes it even more nefarious.But don’t take my word for it, we have both science and insider testimony to back it up. Continue reading

REAWAKEN – Watch The Complete Movie Featuring Native American Storyteller, Ken Little Hawk – 27 December 2013

Uploaded on 19 February 2011 by John Pritchard Continue reading

DealBook – Finra Fines Barclays $3.75 Million Over Record Retention – 27 December 2013


The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority said on Thursday that it fined Barclays Capital $3.75 million over its failure to properly retain records.

The group, the self-regulatory arm of the brokerage industry, said Barclays failed to properly keep about 3.3 million Bloomberg instant messages from October 2008 to May 2010. The group also said that the firm failed to properly retain certain attachments to Bloomberg emails from May 2007 to May 2010.

Read the whole story at: www.dealbook.nytimes.com / link to original article

ActivistPost – Lily Dane – Surprise! Here Come The New Obamacare Taxes And Fees – 27 December 2013

ILogo_activistpost-comn 2014, Americans will find some surprises on their insurance premiums and income tax bills, and they aren’t going to be happy.

Most insurance companies aren’t publicizing the Obamacare taxes – instead, they are discreetly adding them to bills. So far, it has been reported that one insurance company has clearly listed the tax on its bills with a line item titled “Affordable Care Act Fees and Taxes.” Continue reading