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CommonDreams – Majority Of Israeli Public Wants To Teach Peace: Poll – 27 December 2013

common-dreams‘It would seem that the public is more open to the Palestinian narrative than some of its political leaders’

– Common Dreams staff
A new survey out Wednesday found that, contrary to the actions of their political leaders, the majority of the Israeli public favors teaching peace in schools and believes the Palestinian narrative should be presented to students.According to the findings, which were presented at an education conference at Tel Aviv University, 64.5 percent of those polled agree with the notion that the Palestinian narrative should be introduced to the students and 51 percent agree that schools must present information describing Palestinian culture and society favorably in an attempt to expand knowledge about them.Read the whole article at:  www.commondreams.org / link to original article

CommonDreams – UN Officials: We Demand Answers For US Wedding Massacres In Yemen – 27 December 2013

common-dreamsSpecial Rapporteur Juan Méndez: ‘A deadly attack on illegitimate targets amounts to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment’

– Sarah Lazare, staff writer
‘A suspected U.S. drone strike that killed 16 civilians attending a wedding in Yemen violates humanitarian law and must be accounted for, declared UN experts on Thursday.“A deadly attack on illegitimate targets amounts to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment if, as in this case, it results in serious physical or mental pain and suffering for the innocent victims,” said Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan Méndez, according to a UN statement.“If armed drones are to be used, States must adhere to international humanitarian law, and should disclose the legal basis for their operational responsibility and criteria for targeting,” said Christof Heyns, UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions. “Yemen cannot consent to violations of the right to life of people in its territory.”

Read the whole article at:  www.commondreams.org / link to original article

Abraham Hicks – Clarity Is A Manifestation Of Alignment – 27 December 2013

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National ID Law Takes Effect In 2014 – 27 December 2013

Off The Grid NewsWritten

by: Daniel Jennings State drivers’ licenses are slowly turning into national ID cards by a little known federal law called the REAL ID Act.

The idea behind the law is to make it easier for law enforcement and security personnel to identify individuals through their driver’s licenses and state-issued identification cards, and the law has even led some states to ban smiling for license pictures, so as not to throw off computer facial recognition software.

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NaturalNews – J.D. Heyes – The Court Challenge That Could Drive A Stake Through The Heart Of Obamacare – 27 December 2013

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) Opponents of the federal government’s takeover of the healthcare industry via the most freedom-robbing law passed in a century – Obamacare – have not been able to convince enough lawmakers or the president to repeal it through legislation.

In addition, opponents have also been unsuccessful at having the law tossed out as an unconstitutional infringement on Americans’ freedom to engage in commerce (or not) by the U.S. Supreme Court. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Ethan A. Huff – WHO: Cancer risk rising around the world; Western medicine failing globally – 27 December 2013

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued dire new predictions about the spread of cancer throughout the world that prove the Western model of medicine to be a complete failure. Within the next 10 years, the public health arm of the United Nations claims, cancer rates will increase by more than 25 percent, with most of this growth expected to occur in developing countries that have been heavily infiltrated by Western influences. Continue reading

Torrent Temptation: EU Parliament, Vatican, Hollywood Download Pirated Content – 27 December 2013

RT logoDespite global efforts to curb copyright infringement, the temptation to use BitTorrent sites to download free movies and TV shows is too strong for employees in the EU Parliament, the Vatican, the US House of Representatives, and some Hollywood studios.

The new information was revealed by TorrentFreak, which used a tracking outfit called ScanEye to identify those illegally downloading files in some rather surprising places.

The website reported that EU Parliament employees have shown keen interest in downloading pirated movies and TV shows while at work. Dozens of recent “hits” entered from EU Parliament IP addresses on several BitTorrent trackers revealed that employees have downloaded pirated versions of new movies such as ‘Elysium’ and ‘Monsters vs. Aliens.’ They also appear to be fans of classic flicks such as ‘The Ten Commandments,’ as well as popular television shows such as ‘Breaking Bad.’

The same illegal activity also made its way into the Vatican, with movies such as ‘Billy Elliot’ being downloaded along with TV series such as ‘Camp.’

Even some Hollywood studios – including Paramount Pictures – made it on the list, with employees illegally downloading ‘Shame’ and ‘Mad Men.’

BitTorrent downloads also took place from inside the US House of Representatives. Television drama ‘Sons of Anarchy’ was downloaded from the premises, although TorrentFreak did note that fewer hits came from the House in 2013 than in previous years.

Read the whole story: www.rt.com /link to original article

Terri Newlon – Djwhal Khul – 2014 New Year – 27 December 2013

DjwhalKhulDjwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. This is about the New Year 2014 and how best to use the energies. We have quite a lot going on and I’m going to say the best time to really ring in the New Year technically speaking is going to be on Sunday December 29.

The energies are just much bigger and better for that. So you may want to have a special dinner or some special event or maybe share with your friends on Facebook about ringing in the year then and Twitter as well because that’s the optimal day to project into 2014. Continue reading

US Secretly Sends Hellfire Missiles, Drones To Iraq – 27 December 2013

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In an attempt to beat back gains by Al-Qaeda-linked insurgents, the United States is moving “dozens” of Hellfire missiles and surveillance drones into Iraq.

According to a report by The New York Times, the decision comes after Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki requested help from US President Barack Obama during a meeting in Washington last month.

The situation in Iraq has become a serious concern over the last year, as insurgents from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria – Al-Qaeda’s regional affiliate – spread through western and northern parts of the country, as well as nearby Syria. More than 9,000 Iraqis have been killed in 2013. That figure includes three bombings that killed nearly 40 people on Christmas Day.

Despite the movement of missiles – 75 Hellfire missiles are being sent to Iraq alongside 10 ScanEagle surveillance drones – some experts believe the US response to be insufficient without the deployment of more powerful military weapons, such as armed drones. While Iraq’s foreign minister has suggested an American-run drone operation as a possibility, Maliki – who is likely running for a third term as prime minster – has yet to make such a request.

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