Fueling Aocial Anger: ‘Governments Failed The Test’ In 2013 – 28 December 2013

RT logoGovernments have largely failed the test of representation, and the minor concessions they made haven’t dissipated protests but fueled social anger, Curtis Ellis, Executive Director of the American Jobs Alliance, told RT.

“People feel that governments aren’t representing their interests. People have their backs against the wall, they have been squeezed economically, they are seeing all their dreams collapsed around them. So they feel they have no alternative but to take to the streets and express themselves in a way that the governments cannot ignore them,” he said.

In 2013, protests broke out in all parts of the world, showing people’s discontent with government policies on all levels, most of which RT has been covering. Just in December, Ukraine and Thailand saw large anti-government rallies. In Europe protests against austerity have been happening throughout the year and were echoed in the US, where the Million Mask March shook the world focusing everyone’s attention on corruption and internationally encroaching and far reaching spy operations. Protest movements also continued across Asia and Middle East. In July Egyptian demonstrations erupted with clashes between supporters and opponents of ousted President Morsi, and Tunisia renewed protests against its Islamist government. Environmentalist issues also propelled people to the streets, like discontent with Monsanto policies and government support for fracking. And those are just few examples.

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