Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Breaking Through Time And Space – 28 December 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

Today let Us speak of love. In Truth, what else is there worth speaking of? What else is true? What else unites the way even talking about love does?

Would you have Us talk about troubles, woe, heartache? All those are ephemeral. Love alone breaks through the boundaries of time and space. Love is love, and love throbs in your heart. What are troubles, woe, heartache but fluctuations, whereas love is across the board.

Sometimes you imagine that love has gone missing. There has been a magic trick perpetuated upon you, and you think the magic trick is real. Only one thing is real, and that is love. What is Oneness but love? Love is beyond loving your neighbor as yourself. Love is loving yourself. Once you love yourself, all the gears of the world shift. Love is the oil you anoint everything with. It is for you to anoint the world with love and nothing but love.

Love is evidenced in many ways. When you pick a flower, this is love. When you pick up litter from the street, this is also love. When you look up at the sky, this is love. When you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, this is love. Love is two-ways, received and given. This is how love is. At the same time, love is not dependent upon being received. We can say that love can only be given. This is enough. Just allow your love to be, and it is given.

Love is not a charade. Everything but love is illusion. Love is the only real. It is the only matter of count. It is the only true. Everything else is fallacy.

Love resides in every heart. Love may seem blocked, locked shut, out of sight, exiled, overthrown, countermanded. Just the same, love has you in its grasp. I am love, beloveds, and what I am, you are. Stay with your nature. Don’t go against it. Fall into the arms of love. The arms of love are yours. Embrace. That’s all you have to do.

What about hate, you might ask. Hate is love hammered with a mallet, crushed, made flat, cornered. Hate, which you have felt at one time or another, is love hampered, confined, squeezed. It is love twisted, and, yet, it is love nevertheless, love with the life squeezed out of it, so it seems. Even so, gold, painted black, is still gold. Love can lift its head again.

If you committed murder, you fought love so much that you turned love into hate and believed in hate. In the act of murder, you tried to kill your hate once and for all. You painted your intensity of hate onto another. You tried so hard to kill your hate, you affixed it on another.

Somewhere within you, you had the idea that if you killed someone who had offended you or someone you didn’t even know, you would kill your hate. That is what you were trying to do.

You may have also, on the surface, tried to prove your hate and prove that it was more powerful than love. You wanted to prove hate over love. You wanted to prove to yourself that you were justified not to love. You haven’t succeeded yet. No matter how you try, you will not succeed in proving that hate is merited, and love is not. You can never succeed in this. Ultimately, you will open your eyes.

When you injure anyone, you injure yourself. What a silly thing to do. There is no good reason to evidence hate. There is no reason to at all. Love is mightier. You will come to know this. No matter what you do, you cannot refute love. Love alone is, and you, whatever you think, are love. You are love. / link to original article

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