John Ward – Official: 90% Of Bank heists Are An Inside Job Or Hatched By The Brussels Gang – 28 December 2013

JohnWBank robbery nationalisation “has pushed out the entrepreneur”


There are times when one wonders if the Daily Telegraph is simply being ironic. But in order to clarify the situation, The Slog has conducted an extensive qualitative study among people sporting striped jumpers and black masks. The results would tend to cast doubt over the Barclaygraph’s conclusions…


…but the late Mr Bruce Reynolds did offer this opinion before his untimely demise earlier this year:


And finally, police are very keen to interview this man:

Roberto ‘Legs’ Diamond, aka Bob the Banker. Known associates Bojo ‘Mayor’ Johnson, Paul ‘Guvnor’ Tucker, Marcus ‘Bikes’ Agius. Members of the public should approach him with care and doubt. Link to picture / link to original article

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