Field Trial With Lignin Modified Poplars Shows Potential For Bio-Based Economy – 31 December 2013

(Lucas: What?  First of all it is not natural nor bio – it is a genetically modified organism!  It is also field trialed and therefore it is also possibly polluting and crossing the genes with the natural and biological pool of the trees. They still not get it… The risks in GMO is far to great and already in lots of cases shown but by the GMO companies denied, ridiculed and all that can be done to discredit the real research that has shown it is dangerous for your health and long-term studies are too risky if the whole natural gene pool can be polluted that way. Stop this nonsense in selling this as a viable sustainable economy idea in having gmo produce the bio-ethanol for selling that back to us at the gas station for profit. Meanwhile our real nature in the production of GMO Forests is destoyed.  It is only done for profit and they do not care for nature, nor care for humans and the fauna and flora riches of this planet.Just see it!)

The results of a field trial with genetically modified poplar trees in Zwijnaarde, Belgium, shows that the wood of lignin modified poplar trees can be converted into sugars in a more efficient way. These sugars can serve as the starting material for producing bio-based products like bio-plastics and bio-ethanol.

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