Lisa Gawlas – The New Earth Dropping Into Matter!! Happy New Year, New World!! – 31 December 2013

lisagawlas2I swear, yesterdays connections should have come with a high voltage warning before I stepped into the fields of Your Light.  Ohhh, wait, in its own way, it did, that was the title of my sharing yesterday.  But do you think I even thought for a moment it applied to the field of readings…. ohhhhh nooooooo!!  By the time I closed out my 4th connection for the day (I had five scheduled) I was toast.  Burnt toast no less!

Before I could even connect to a reading, I had to do some fancy footwork to bring the energy of the Mesa here to my son’s house.  So, even tho I was sitting in a room in Virginia, I put myself back in my kitchen in New Mexico, connected to the energy field that is the Mesa, picked it up and placed it in the room I was sitting in.

The good news is, the energy of our new, vibrant world is making its decent to the field of matter.  It kind of reminds me of watching the ball drop on new years eve, only it is taking a bit more than an hour to fully drop.

Up until yesterday, that intense vibrational field I call 2014 has been level with the top of the Mesa, about 1000 feet (30 meters) in the air.  Yesterday, it was half way down to the ground.  The decent into fully functional, co-creative matter.  Yay??

Again, each one of us doing our part, working our quadrant of energy expertise, bringing it all together.  I think I tore parts of my own consciousness just trying to understand what I am seeing.  Science!  Quantum science no less.  Ouchies!!

My first lady showed up standing on the energetic vibration that I call 2014, I was so excited to see it halfway down to the earth, I miss doing readings on the ground!  Where she was standing, the energy line itself was concaved,  and from that very spot, beneath her feet was an intense release of blue and reddish (dime sized) molecules of energy.  It looked like someone put a bubble blower beneath her feet and set it to an extreme high setting, they were billowing out to the left and right equally.  The only thing I understood, initially with her visual was that it was supplying the new oxygen for our new world of living.  The reddish (more a cross between pink and red) and the lighter blue energies represented the aliveness of the new earth (red) and the full use of the soul express (blue) impregnated with the full spectrum of light or easy use.

Then she had asked about her pineal gland.  My god, that question alone should have come with a warning to me!  She had been doing exercises these last few weeks to bring in and radiate the new energy from her pineal thru her brainwaves (an exercise given in her last connection.)  When I shifted my view from her molecule creating feet up to her head, she looked like a very complicated science expression, to the point of good ole Albert Einstein poking his head in to assist.  (Didn’t help me one bit!)

Her head kind of looked a bit like this:

Link to picture

However, that clump in the middle of this image, was her brain.  I swear she had the rings of saturn spinning around her head holding various molecules within the rings.  Crazy!!  But, not without a bit (and I do mean a bit) of clarity.  What she (and many others too) are doing as their part, taking in the mass of energy being released in the upper atmosphere, harnessing it into themselves via the crown, transmuting it into a new blend of energetic atmosphere and with feet on the new earth, combining the energy of the new earth with the energy of a biologically blended spiritual field and waa-la, our new oxygen to breathe in.

And we wonder why our biology feels like it was kicked in the ass!!  Holy cow batman!!

Since the 27th, my scalp hurt so much that washing my hair, hell brushing my hair hurt like crazy.  It felt like someone pulled my hair directly at the crown so hard and for so long that my hair molecules hurt.  Now I know why!!

My second lady on the field picked up where this precious lady left off.  She was standing on top of the Mesa and to my bewildered eyes, looked like she was throwing confetti.  But of course it wasn’t confetti, but the very substance needed to hold these new molecules together in our new earth based atmosphere.

My third lady, I am still trying to understand…  The words creating portals or vortexes did not resonate within me, yet I could see her clear as day in what she was doing.  Let me show you the image first, then attempt to explain it:


Altho there was no snow in the image at all, nor any trees, just the Mesa as a key to the whole image, she was walking across the top, as she walked it literally turned to an energetic gold, then she slid down and back up in a V shape, and with it, no part of the Mesa was visable at all.  It was like she cleared the matter that was already thereand opened up the depths of the Mesa itself.  What I could not tap into, even this morning is what does it mean in the whole scheme of what is happening!!  Anyone with suggestions is very welcome to share!!

My fourth and ended up being final reading of the day, phew baby!!  She was up in deep space, but in deep space that is the upper most part of earths atmosphere, creating a new electromagnetic field around this new earth.  I seen it in a rolling blue-black wave across the universe.

At least now I understand my non-dream memory from the other evening.  However, before she and I ended our connection, the field said something that just surprised me: “What we are doing in the quantum deep, is exactly part of our mastery in creation as we embark on the new earth.”  Hmmmmmm.

By the time I finished with her, my head was literally spinning so fast I thought I would vomit.  Sitting down without falling over was a challenge and this feeling lingered for hours.

Let me tell ya, I am moving into this day with extreme caution, I have margarita’s to enjoy this evening!!

On that note, Enjoy the hell out of not only the last day of 2013, but the end of the end as we awake in a whole new field of Life.

From the depths of my heart and soul, Happy New Year, New Life, New World to All!!  Thank you for all the hard work you have done thru lifetimes to make this magical moment happen.

(((((HUGZ)))) of celebration to ALL LIFE!!

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