Méline Lafont – New Year Wishes – 1 January 2014

Méline~ My sweet friends and family ~

We have entered the new birthed year 2014 that will mark the actual improvement and show you all the fruits of your labor collective and personally.  Excitement is allowed to be felt within, so allow that to be to amplify just that! Another great year of growth and experiences has passed and I think I may speak on behalf of all of you that we have been growing and shifting so much into another consciousness level of our being! More is to come of course as we hold that in our own hands and since we thirst so much for this, the level of perseverance shall assist us in that.

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for the support I have been receiving from you all for my blogs, my work and my personal Self.  This has assisted me on so many ways and I truly appreciate this! Also a thank you for being there for others and for being you! I Love you all! 

Wishing you all a most wonderful 2014, may this year bring forth more gifts, abilities and Love into your own hearts and bathe you in the Love that you ARE.  We are here and Now and this Now is just amazing beautiful to me!

In Love and Gratitude, Méline Lafont ♥

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