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John Ward – Monty The Cab Driver’s Lying Circus – 2 January 2014

nickmontytitleThere was one of those ‘review of the year’ spots on BBCNews channel last night, in which the once cutting-edge field reporter but now neutered newsdesk John Simpson was talking to BBCNews political correspondent Nick Robinson and two other vaguely familiar bubble-heads. At one point, the conversation went like this: Continue reading

Aisha North – A Short Update On The Energies – 2 January 2014

AishaNorthAs this new year starts to unfold, you will all find yourself staring into a brand new space in all sorts of ways, as you have now left the old and outworn energies of 2013 well and truly behind, and you have all taken that first tentative sip of the brand new energies that came in as your calendar shifted from one year to the next. This may sound improbable to many of you, but that is in fact just what has taken place, as you have been taken through a grand shift once again. As usual, only a few of you have yet been able to feel into these brand new vibrations, for they will not make themselves fully announced just yet. Suffice it to say, they are here indeed, although not in full force. For as usual, everything will be taken in increments, so too this, as the levels will be adjusted ever so slowly at first, until you all get back on your feet as it were, and you are able to stand fully upright whilst being exposed to the full and final extent of these new vibrational levels. Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – Pleiadian Perspectives – Meanwhile On Ascending Earth – Part 2 – We Are One – 2 January 2014

While Jason and I sat around the table eating our brunch, we talked about my dream and our confusing feelings about Mytrian.
“I am so happy that I had this dream and the intimate experience of being with the Arcturian,” I said as I sipped my coffee. “I have to admit that I have really missed Mytre and Mytria. Have you had any more of your dreams about Mytrian?”
“Yes,” responded Jason. “In fact, just a few days ago I had a dream in which Mytrian was with the Arcturian. However, I am still having difficulty understanding how one person or being, as I am not sure Mytrian is a human, can have all those different component of SELF. Continue reading

Steve Lendman – AIPAC’s Federal Reserve Vice Chairman – 2 January 2014

StevelendmanNapoleon was no democrat. He had his own ideas about conquest and dominance. He knew a thing or two about money power. He said:
“When a government is dependent for money upon the bankers, they and not the government leaders control the nation.”
“This is because the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Financiers are without patriotism and without decency.”

DealBook – Repsol Completes Sale Of Natural Gas Assets To Shell – 2 January 2014



LONDON – The energy company Royal Dutch Shell said on Thursday that it had completed its $5.4 billion acquisition of Repsol’s liquefied natural gas business outside North America, a deal originally announced last February.

Read the whole article at: www.dealbook.nytimes.com/ link to original article

Blossom Goodchild – 2 January 2014

bloss_270711So, here we are in 2014. It’s been a busy time for many of us … and I have to say I am feeling tired and emotional for one reason or another. So, before I begin, I would like to make it clear that I am not coming from anger in this communication … yet there are some things that I feel need to be said. You have told me before that it was part of our agreement for me to inform you of how things are going from the point of view of us humans here in the thick density of the Earth … for you are unable to gauge this fully, being where you are. So chaps … are you ready? I want to say also, that there will be many an enlightened soul who reads this and will, without question, be thinking ‘Oh Blossom, when are you going to ‘get it?’. I would like to say … I GET a lot of things … much more than some who write in give me credit for … yet at the same time, I have come to realize that I am able to be a spokeswoman for many of us Earthlings and many it seems, FEEL exactly the same as myself. So … here I go! From our perspective, first and foremost … we are tired. Tired of being told we are ‘the strongest of the strong’ and that one day, all will make sense and we shall be overcome with a LOVING KNOWING OF ALL, due to an Event that is to take place. I KNOW the Event will take place. I don’t know when … yet that is obviously in your capable hands. HOWEVER … if it is to be that this Event will not show itself for another year or two … (immanently?) then I am stating quite categorically, that in the interim period we would LOVE to have a display of some kind that will give us the boost we need to carry on. I KNOW you are capable of coming up with something like this and therefore, from all of us down here … I ask you with all respect …to pull your finger out and DO SOMETHING! If you have never been upon Earth to live, and you say you have not … then you cannot possibly KNOW what it is like, as one who is aware of their Light, to have to continually FEEL the pain in your heart of the darkness at work. Yes, we are strong … the strongest of the strong you say … yet we are weakening … because WE ARE TIRED!! Tired of fighting against the dark forces upon the planet. You teach us to BE OF LOVE … FOR THAT IS WHO WE ARE … and the majority of us are doing our utmost to change the vibration here into a Higher one. Yet to ‘keep on keeping on’ as we do, is proving to be very tricky as year after year passes by … with only, as yet, promises to hold onto … and we have been holding on for so very long, with many ‘promises’ that have not come about. SO PLEASE, have a think about this. Give us SOMETHING … some validation. Not something that we have to question, or that someone can palm off as it being something else … SOMETHING GOOD AND SOLID to return our strength to us … to assist our minds to keep on track, because believe me, it is difficult at times to make sense of the suffering that so many have to endure in one form or another. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH. TIME TO TAKE ACTION MY FRIENDS … NOW … NOT SOON … NOW. DO SOMETHING … SEND A SIGN OF SOME SORT … WE NEED IT … AND WE NEED IT NOW ! THANK YOU. Over to you. Continue reading

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Free And United – 2 January 2014

JamyePrice2012closeupFree And United
Welcome to your year 2014.  It is your year.  All of Life is perceived and experienced through your perception.  The work of Ascension is an individual becoming an empowered sovereign being interacting within the collective of humanity and the collective of Life.  Your Ascension is not a maybe, it is a guarantee, for you are Spirit in form, and there is no mistake within Spirit; only experience, learning and choice.  Spirit forms in response to your choice.  Continue reading

TheAustralian – Helicopter To Begin Antarctic Rescue Of Akademik Shokalskiy Passengers – 2 January 2014

The Australian

THE helicopter evacuation of a Russian research ship stranded in Antarctica was launched this afternoon after a series of stalled attempts due to bad weather and sea ice.

“The Chinese helicopter has arrived at the Shokalskiy. It’s 100 per cent we’re off! A huge thanks to all,” tweeted expedition leader Chris Turney.

Read the whole story and see video at:  www.theaustralian.com.au /link to original article

Indonesia Struggles To Clean Up Corrupt Forestry Sector – 2 January 2014


By Angela Dewan

Deep in the forests of Borneo island, workmen from an Indonesian timber company fell a tree with a chainsaw, stick a red tag with a serial number onto it and attach a corresponding stub to the stump.

This is all part of an arduous auditing process, one of many government attempts to clamp down on and clean up one of the country’s most corrupt and mismanaged sectors as Western countries demand proof their timber imports are legal

Read the whole article at: www.phys.org/link to original article

Enrollment Is Up, But ObamaCare Still Faces Uncertainty, Politically And Otherwise – 2 January 2014

InvestmentWatchObamaCare appears at least for now to be off life support — after a total 2.1 million Americans enrolled to get insurance coverage this year. But whether President Obama’s signature health care law survives — at least in its entirety — remains uncertain.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/01/01/enrollment-is-up-but-obamacare-still-faces-uncertainty-politically-and/

Via : www.investmentwatchblog.com / link to original article