Ruth Ryden – Ruth And The Masters Of Light – 2 January 2014

RuthRydenMasters, will you give us an overall set of predictions for this coming year that would include world-wide weather conditions, earth movements, ocean currents, anything that will be impacting human habitation on this planet?

MASTERS: “You are all aware of the immense changes that are now taking place on your world, and it has been a difficult year for all. This coming year will be no exception as the frequencies in your solar system are being caused by other systems colliding and “pushing” against each other in your universe.

Creation is an on-going thing, as you must realize, and there is no such thing as “status quo” as many of you would rather believe. In another ten to twenty of your years the heavens will look quite different as other planets and “stars”, as you call them, will either be gone or new lights will appear. Astronomy will become a much more interesting electronic “game” than the violent make-believe fascinations that you have now.

Earth Movements: Yes, the planet is changing its inner composition as the universal energies affect not only the intrinsic nature of the rock and fluids, but the intricate chemical makeup of the cellular structures. The molten core of the planet is becoming hotter to accommodate these changes, as scientists are wondering why. You may compare this to a huge giant shaking and struggling to fit a new set of clothes that are too tight for it. The earthquakes you are experiencing around the world will continue, as the different continents are shifting their roots far below the surface.

The Middle East countries will be experiencing many dramatic quakes in the next few months, then calm down toward the end of the year. And yes, the human conflicts, the hate, the killing, the terrible inhumanity towards each other, do affect the planet itself! The word is “frequency.” It is universal frequencies that create the universe, matter, and all there is. When humankind sets up such tremendous negative frequencies of discord, cruelty, murder, distrust, inequality between the sexes, greed, taking from others what they need for personal benefit, all of these things and many more negative attributes of humanity, these frequencies delve deep into the very bowels of the Earth, upsetting the basic nature of its creation.

Watch for increasing quakes, oceanic upheavals caused by undersea movements, weather anomalies caused by violent frequencies of millions of fractured lives and misery. Where and when these people learn to live together in peace instead of hatred and violence, the Earth will calm down and bring new hope and a blossoming of the wonders of nature.

The European continent will continue to be quite stable for a few years, with the exception of the many alpine areas of mountains that march along very old fault lines. Although we don’t see actual ground quakes, these mountains still reflect where the earth has moved in ages past and are quite able to shake themselves very severely when the reverberation from violent movements around the world affect those old faults. This is when avalanches and landslides take the lives of many skiers and mountain climbers. To add a bit of caution, this is not the year to spend on these mountains.

Australia has been an extremely well-entrenched continent from the base of its huge land area for centuries, but even here, there is movement far below that will impact especially the outback with quakes and violent storms during the coming winter. The continent lies in a mild frequency “whirlwind” so to speak, that has protected it for centuries. Some of this “wind” is starting to fall apart and, in so doing, will subject the southern areas with unusual weather conditions, together with the oceans around it. The continued melting of Antarctic ice will be affecting Australia more and more as the years go on, flooding and changing the climate. What has given the Australian people their best advantage is their acceptance of the native peoples as their brothers. A lesson for the world to revere.

The South American continent, for the most part, will remain fairly stable during the next year, with the exception of the western deep oceanic canyons that continue to play havoc with the coast lines and mountainous areas nearby. They may expect many more hard quakes and land slides in the coming months. The stability of the weather conditions that have endured for centuries is about to change drastically due to the Antarctic flows. Argentina may well expect a drouth that will affect the cattle business. People living in the highlands of the north will have some unexpected warm days, followed by constant shallow quakes.

The Arctic ice packs across the top of your world will continue to shrink as the heat from the increasing stoking of the inner fires changes shipping lanes, forcing the native peoples from their ancestral homes and changing political policies regarding who controls the new lanes. Floating ice will be a constant danger, as ships are caught in unexpected thaws on business and cruise trips. This will be the situation for at least another year. Arctic animals are in peril and eventually, unfortunately, will die out to a large extent. Nature will not be entirely hampered, however, as climate and the earth itself continues to change, there will be new species born to enjoy their new home.

North America – Canada and all of the outlying islands can expect may changes in the weather patterns this coming year, due to the Arctic transformations. When intense cold is expected, warm air will creep in. The beautiful forests will find themselves putting out new strong limbs and new species of greenery will be discovered. Sudden storms will, however, strike sometimes without warning; strong winds will cause a lot of damage. Lakes and waterways all through these northern areas are being stirred up from below and can be very deceiving as to their depth and strength of flow. Be very careful if diving in them. Take nothing for granted. Earth movements will begin to be felt in a few months, but nothing that will cause great damage.

Pacific Islands. Here is where the most concern will be. All of these islands are the tops of huge formations rising from the ocean floor from the beginning of earth’s creation. Their people have their own customs, languages, and beliefs and are among the most admired in the world. As the oceans continue to swell, swirl, and make life difficult, many are now realizing that eventually their beautiful lands will no longer be large enough to support them. With the movement of the plates across the entire planet, ocean currents are being changed; temperatures of the water that controlled land values and temperatures are no longer stable. It is time to accept that many will have to move away from tropic islands and change their way of living. This also applies to those islands on the top of the world that are outshoots of volcanoes. There will be many more volcanic eruptions from these old “mushrooms“ in the coming months; it is time to accept what is happening and make new lives elsewhere.

The United States will be experiencing many different situations according to locations, of course. There is a worry regarding Yellowstone erupting again, after thousands of years, and that worry is well founded. We don’t see a major eruption, but there will be many more small eruptions of lava shooting forth as the pressure underneath is released. This is not a safe place to be. Gas releases are dangerous. All along the western coastlines the volcanic ridges are being compressed by plate movements and, at the very least, small volcanic outflows can be expected during the year. We don’t see a major eruption, but quakes can be expected any time. Be aware and be prepared.

The North American continent will be highly affected by the disturbed ocean currents as to weather conditions during the year. The storm fronts that have hit in so many places this past year will hit again, we are sorry to say. The states that are close to the ocean will be part of the weather patterns; undersea movements affect the surface and thus the land areas nearby. Areas that have endured intense storms and flooding should be on the alert for additional problems during the year, especially when there are mild quakes felt underfoot. The scarcity of rain in the central plains this past year or so will come to an end, as the change in ocean currents will send continuous rain clouds to most of the grain belts. Water on the surface will not be a problem, but digging for oil and gas under the ground will cause some poisoning of the soil in some areas. Testing constantly now is the only way to go.

The future for the planet is not within your control, but how you handle it is. Every one of you has the gift of Choice. You can hide in the bathroom and pull the blinds, but life goes on. Work with what you have and what you can do. In times of emergency, use your heads and help yourselves and others. There is always another day, and another way for everything. You are souls encased in human form, here to experience and learn. Well, there is plenty to experience and learn now. All Souls in the universe are waiting and watching, helping when they are asked. We are here, there, and everywhere.

Prayer is communication, and communication is a two-way experience. Make this year an important one in your lives, for it is.”

“In the lands beyond the imagination be the aspirations and accomplishments of all created souls since the beginning of time. Within the heart of every human being lies the hopes and fears of mortal existence. Fear not, the limitless lands of eternity await your curiosity and adventurous spirit!”



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