AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – An Invitation To The Starseeds – 3 January 2014

Dear Every One,

On December 24th, 2013, I received an inspiration-download to begin engaging and conversing with other starseeds/contactees/experiencers. I see this as a future public presentation and it may manifest in several forms as I further engage with the ones who make contact with me – i.e. documentary film, ongoing YouTube audio and/or video conversations, collaborating on artistic projects together, and/or simply reporting what unfolds when we “contact” each other (with permission of course) on this blog. I was shown very clearly that the power of honestly being who we are and coming out with it in the world, (i.e. not hiding or adapting to smallness anymore) and experimenting with the power of, “where two or more are gathered in the name of Love and Truth…” Okay, that was a little twist on that Bible phrase, but you know what I mean. In just the past few days, I’ve already been witness to the enormous light and power of this natural (seemed magical in the past) phenomenon.

This is an invitation. I understand that others have had this inspiration too, and I fully support and honor any work that others are doing… anything that brings more benevolent awareness to this topic. The main criteria for responders to this project will be this: 1) Over a span of months or years, or a lifetime, you experienced a form of contact from beyond this known world. It doesn’t matter how you define it within your own psyche and language. You might call it God, Christ, Buddha, Angels, ETs, Love, Creator, etc. I will recognize the word-less frequency of which you speak; 2) You may have initially experienced fear with this contact because it seemed very large and foreign, but in the end you have defined it as an overall benevolent experience; 3) Your consciousness was radically transformed as a result of this blending, and you have expanded in your abilities and gifts to serve others. Note: Some of you may know in your heart that you can “do stuff” but you’ve been too afraid or still too embedded in the smallness to try; 4) You feel for the most part (‘tho it’s ongoing) balanced, healed and integrated with this Intelligence. Note: I in no way want anyone to feel excluded, so if you don’t feel any matches from above but would still like to share or participate, please let me know. I trust your instincts. I’m sure that all of the above criteria will be further refined as we go.

As many of you already know, since 2004 I have been actively translating the messages that I receive from the Intelligent, Loving Energy that has been “visiting” me throughout my life. Sometimes the visits were simply a very high-frequency Presence, and sometimes I would have a variety of “fuzzed-out, ET-looking beings directly interacting with me, but the common denominator was the feeling-frequency of expansive, intelligent teachings or a full-body remembrance of LOVE.

I am grateful to my wonderful angel-mentor (with skin on) for guiding and encouraging me ten years ago to open myself up to word translation, or a more common term at the time, channeling. Since then, this I AM/Universal Intelligence has “hinted” here and there over the years that I am part of a “team” for this Cosmic Awareness on Earth, and I can play a role in creating community, or as I like to say, a supportive environment for the “coming out” of the starseeds. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was back then when this project wasn’t jump-started right away, but now, as in many things, I clearly see the wisdom behind the delay.

Since Christmas Eve, the synchronicities to bring starseed/contactees into my life is truly mind blowing – before I even thought of announcing it. This is the validation that I would definitely have to have in order to keep showing up for it, and I know many of you can relate. I’m not interested in generating some big hoopla over something that isn’t helpful, or isn’t supported overall by The Greater Universal Good.

So if you resonate with any or all of the above and feel inspired to contact me, please DO! Or, if you simply have comment or questions, you may post in the comments section or contact me via my website link. Bottom line is, I want to be a part of a context-changing project. When some of us are willing to be seen and BE and demonstrate who we truly are – even if there is still the judgment and fear of the “crazy factor”, then imagine the permission that this will provide for every human being on Planet Earth – to simply radiate and be who they truly are. No fear. No more hiding. I feel in my heart, and I feel it resonate into the cosmic network, that this could be a game-changer – rapidly transforming our outer world to reflect our true, awakened identity. I’m sure of it. Feel free to share this post far and wide. Thank you.

Oh, and does this bring up fear? Questions of what will happen to your job, your family life, your persona(s), your (gulp) future? Answer this. Are we, or are we not, “The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For”? No more talk… Lights, camera, ACTUALITY!

Much gratitude to ALL who are courageous enough to simply BE here NOW,

EM Meyer / link to original article


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