Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Say, “God, Here I Am.”- 4 January 2014

HeavenlettersGod said:

From the depth of your heart and from the depth of your soul, you recognize the wonderment of depth. Depth is deeper than surface. Something is meant when you say the depth of the ocean, and you are meant to grow toward greater depth.

We can say that going deeper is what evolution is about. In that sense, you continue to grow deeper and deeper. There is no arrival, beloveds. There is the process of arriving. You are in that process now. And I say, “Welcome.”

At the same time as We speak of the beautiful depths, We also can speak of the beautiful heights. Oh, beloveds, the heights to which you arrive. Perhaps We can consider the depths and the heights as the two steps you take. Of course, you understand that the depths and the heights meet. The depths are not low. They are high. They are high and deep all at once.

As a matter of fact, you go nowhere. You have always known more than you have been able to let on to yourself. You may be the last to know what I have always known, and that is how deep you are and how high. You alit to Earth from Holiness, and holy you are. You cough at that. No matter how many times I express that, from Greatness you came, and Great you are, as it is, you have told yourself other stories, yet a story is just a story. Reality is something else.

I am trying to gather Reality to your very sense of Being. You are Beingness, beloveds. Beingness is pure unadulterated light. It is My Light. Something wrong with My Light? No, there isn’t. You are the light of Pure Light. Well, sure, you fell down and scraped your knee a few times. That is the past. And the past never was except as you hold on to it.

You are new Beingness every day. If Beingness were water, you could only be wet. You are My child. Any waywardness you see in yourself is fiction. It may be convincing fiction, yet it is fiction nevertheless. There is one true story, and I tell it to you. From Greatness you came, and Greatness you are.

Would you could hear Me, dear ones. You are beginning to. You haven’t yet kept this awareness, yet it is rising. Or, We can say, your awareness is going deeper.

Words are words. What precedes words is the actuality. Words try to describe Reality and fall short. Even beautiful words come from the relative world. Sounds come from Me. You take your pulse with words. You forget much of the time that there is more beneath and above the words themselves. There is meaning before definition.

I cannot be defined, nor can you. We are beyond definition. We are beyond description. We are beyond what the eye can see or ears can hear or what any of the five senses can pick up. There is that which is called the sixth sense, and here We begin to come to Truth. Perhaps you have a hunch of what I am speaking of. Your hunches are pretty good. Often, your hunches are solid. They eclipse depths and heights and are the true goods, simply waiting for you to recognize Who you are and why you are and how you surpass the world of boundaries. Always you have been limitless. You were never anything but your Unbounded Self. Welcome. I welcome you.

And now it is for you to look around and see where and Who you are and welcome yourself to Heaven and say: “God, here I AM.” / link to original article

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