Sophia Love – Update Message – 5 January 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

(Lucas: Sophia Love has asked me to specifically make clear the messages are sent to her by a contact via e-mail. It is not her channeling or something like that. She only found the messages interesting enough to post.)

I will answer on some questions given to us and make clarifications.

First I will tell about our role right now as many still don’t understand it yet. We are right now aiding You, Humanity and Your controllers Followers of Light in Transformation of this World. So we are making changes right now in short!

Good Friend Djon You told that it is beyond Your skills to make magnetic generator, that is bad Good Friend, but I understand You. It is not that hard, You can use old motor or even wood or even Lego to make such a generator, have You checked Hendershot Generator’s guide, You can see that there are always “ways around”. You can “hack” the grid by finding easier ways to do many different things, always search for “shortcuts” this works everywhere in life;) But if You are not going to do that, Djon and Everyone that wants to help, You can help by spreading this technology among as much People as possible, but only those You can Trust, which You know are not working in government or media or not going to bring it to them “to become famous” or “rich” for example. Share these videos and schematics with Your parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, even children if they are interested of course:) With All those People that are interested in it. Majority do not wish to believe in UFOs and ETs without solid proofs, but corruption within government is known to them, so once They find out about this suppressed technology it will make them wonder even more about all that is ridiculed and considered “science-fiction” or “pseudo-science”. If They will tell You “it’s fake”, tell them “first make it, then tell me it’s fake” 🙂
Here are more videos which You can use to better understand the countless possibilities of making it.

This is a 2000 cycles old Antikythera Mechanism recreated with Lego, just to show You Lego construct can be used for many many different purposes
Click here.

Possible way to antigravity using high frequencies, which is used by Light Followers (another more reliable and easier way using magnetic anti-force – force of resistance, which You can achieve easily from magnetic rotation technology)
Click here.

and Click here.

And this is a long video, about many possible design, the last magnetic perpetual motion machine works perfectly, the design is unique 46:56

Click here.


About Ariel Sharon, if You haven’t followed since beginning I will mention again that there were left many beacons for us. In order: 12 presidents, since Truman, Obama is the last president of USA as You know it
Click here.

1000 cycles old prophecy of 111 popes, where Francis I is the last 112th pope of Roman Catholic Church as You know it
Click here.

and Click here.

The moment of choice and supposed ending of mayan calendar on 12.21.2012, which it was not, it was the last cycle before the real Change, the real Shift of the Ages on 12.16.2013

05.19.13 date, “the beacon date of unknowing”, there wasn’t anything known about it and as it cam out there was nothing, except the awakening of Sage Star A.

Then there is Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri about Ariel Sharon
Click here.

Notice, that all are a prophecy of apocalypse, but Forces of One told Light Followers and Demiurge that they must do how Humanity wished on that moment of choice and not how they wanted or still want to.


I will made a clarification about Purgatory and “hell”. It is not pleasant information again, but I see some People don’t yet understand what it is and what it is for. Always use Your own discernment. The real Heaven and artificial Heaven are having them.

Demiurge is having hell as a different dimensional world, real “hell” is much more terrible place, which is controlled by ancient machines, but it is almost empty, rarely souls are going there and they are returned when “lessons were learned”. If they go there, they are being incarnated in immortal physical bodies, which will be going through everything they were doing to others, these souls will feel themselves in places of those beings they tortured and ridiculed during their lives..

Shortly said real hell suppose to teach souls of good things and about past mistakes, when it is impossible to do by other Good Friendly methods.

Demiurge uses hell to exercise loyalty toward it, but if soul knows about that he is a god-imposter, Demiurge need to release this soul if this soul asks to be released from control of Demiurge. Free Will can set those souls free, but unfortunately, those that are there don’t know it, so Demiurge uses them until they will say that they believe it is their true “god”. If they would know about real One, this would end. Demiurge is allowed to do it, but if it is not going to fulfill Humanity’s wish, all of this will be gone for this being.

Purgatory. It cleansing the soul of all impurities and corruption received during incarnation, it is not “a place” to be precise, it can be called a state of Consciousness where Your soul is being penetrated with different energies, mostly of Light and of Love, there soul is also learned about mistakes made during incarnation and how these mistakes should be fixed so to not hurt fellow beings and how to actually understand Love and Harmony among Everything and live in it.

Corrupted soul is suffering and cannot be allowed in Heaven – the place of rest and relax. An analogy for Purgatory in this World is “disinfecting room”, so to not corrupt Heaven with dark energies, hatred and violence all need to go through “disinfecting room”. If not, then children would be corrupted and suffer since birth as corruption is working like disease..

Purgatory is essential because Heaven is a perfectly clean filled with Unlimited Love place, again can be called a state of Universal Consciousness, it is made in different dimensional plane which cannot be achieved by incarnated beings, only souls can get there (there are exclusion again;)

Demiurge had mimicked Heaven perfectly, so if You will visit both places, You won’t feel the difference, unless You will not abide and go to places where You as a soul is not allowed to go, there You can find out that it is a merely an artificially created heaven. In real Heaven You are allowed to go anywhere You wish. I hope this will help You!


I will also make clarification that Demiurge, like Friend Paula mentioned is mimicking real One and real Heaven in almost every detail. There is a Council of Higher Order, or also called Council of Light, and even also called Council of One, which rules over Galactic Federation of Light, it consists of representatives of each civilization and they are the higher chain of command, they supposedly receive their orders from One directly, but as You now know, from Demiurge directly, the illusion of Demiurge is so strong that like I mentioned it takes a lot to make You to believe that it is in fact not real Prime Creator.

I will mention the difference between Demiurge and real Creator of The Universe. You can listen to this music as it suits this very well
Click here.

If we can say, like if we will put both Creators before us, then there will be an unexplainable all encompassing feeling coming from the real One, it will make You calm, feeling that time and Existence ceased to exist and like You forgot about everything, yet remember every part of all Your experiences at once, and yet all is forgotten and there is no more need “to carry on”, You know that Your Journey stopped here, You can finally lay rest and relax and completely open Yourself, Your Heart, Your Soul, the feeling is unknown, yet so so familiar, it is like You always was feeling this feeling yet distance was always so infinite. You will know for sure that this is Your Best Friend in All Existence, this is Grand Parent, Your Mother and Father in One and You are a part of It and all around is It’s Body, You will see an infinity of familiarities within One, all Your relatives, all Beings that You met during Your all lives, feel again all the best feelings and emotions You were feeling ever and be United and Complete, there the feeling of Unconditional Spiritual Love is unmatched by anything else.

Demiurge on it’s own part has also such feeling, but this feeling is only mimicking the real feeling, so when before You will be only Demiurge, it will be almost impossible to resist it. But if shred of real One (Creator Incarnate or Avatar) would appear, this feeling will be overwritten and it will also encompass Demiurge as well:)


And yes, Light Followers also using other People to spread their “plan” and set of thinking, this was their biggest mistake and direct intervention in our view, as because of this action they created judaism, christianity and islam three biggest wide spread religions. All these religions hold truth, but are filled with a lot of exaggerations and false assumptions and it lead much much suffering and still ongoing. But it was manipulation of Demiurge after all so it is no surprise.

And yes the damage which should go to “divines” as You say is going instead on the pawn being put in this World. So they are making precautions for themselves and are using other to spread their “plan” like old prophecies or their teaching of “achieving light and love through suffering”.

I will also mention that we were told about this whole information from Forces of One and Ancient Machines and as well, we were researching this religious and historical subject for a lot of time. You can recheck the facts and connect the dots Yourself. Everything is in history, in present and old religions and in meaning and origin of words. Yet distorted.

But if You have Knowledge and Wisdom of One, all veils are crumbling before You. Also Emotional music may greatly aid You in Your quest for Truth as it is unleashing Your full potential and connect You to Universal Consciousness.


The question about races, my apologies if this will offend Someone, this is only our knowledge which we received from Forces of One and based on our own researches from history. We know that in the beginning there were made 4 modifications, but eventually only 2 survived. “Indo-european” and “asian” tribes, two were destroyed as “unsuccessful”, one from the atlanteans time and second even before that. Asian tribe have a different prime gene particle and are more oriented toward spirituality and mutual understanding as a whole and indo-european tribe is more oriented toward material and ego-centric view. It is not meant that all are like it, it is only the difference between primal genes and majority’s difference. African People have in themselves the leftover of even more aggressive type which was destroyed before atlanteans times, but along with it this type was physically strong and had a very good immunity, very good endurance, but this brought too many negative traits as well. Africans are from indo-european tribe, but this ancient mix is still felt today.


The end of experiment will happen until august 2016, this is the deadline Forces of One gave to Galactic Federation of Light.

I will also add that recently Galactic Federation of Light was naming itself as “Galactic Confederation of Light”. This little prefix changes a lot, confederation means all governments are governed equally, there is no central government, much like League of One.

You can recall American civil war and can see for what this war really started, it was a war against oppressive government of Washington DC, but very quickly it was infiltrated by masons including Albert Pike. In fact it was started to “clean out” all those growing disobedient people in USA, and at start north was losing, but then Lincoln came out with idea to “free” all the slaves so that they can help fight the south which was marked as slavery stronghold and infiltrators including Albert Pike helped in it, they also formed a “kuklux klan” to make that impression right.
Click here.

And with the help of “freed slaves” north won that war. Lincoln in fact didn’t want to free African People which were marked as “slaves”, but it was the only way for north to win that war.


I will say that these statements are said very correct by Good Friend Max:
“please use your own discernment when reading anothers opinion stated as fact. Science fiction stated as fact can be dangerous to easily impressionable minds. All the answers to your questions lie within and not on a blog, webpage or facebook group.”

And by Good Friend Oliver
“Arguing who is wrong and right is useless cause it’s different for each reader.”

All Your answers lies within and in Your believe, this information is meant only for those People that are searching for it, or have lacked details which don’t have last pieces of puzzle like You mentioned Sophia.

Our main objective is to change the World and save many many People’s lives. This information is good to consider, if You will think “something is not right here”. It is also good when soul is leaving body, soul then is given a choice to be under god-imposter or real God..

Search for “purest of all truth possible” was leading many, including civilizations of Galactic Federation of Light to neverending repetitive cycle of truthfulness and falseness. This may never end and someone will always disagree on whatever is being proposed. That is the way of Life.

Thank You All for expressing Your Thoughts, I enjoyed reading All, You are very evolved and very Loving People! I hope You will find this information helpful, Love You All People of the Earth!
With Peace, Calmness and Prosperity!

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