Lucas – Starting Off Into The New – Really New! – 6 January 2014 all over de place  show a full start of the new. Some call it the new but it is just the old routine, the drag into that what really does not suit anymore your newly found feeling of that what you find to be out-of-place. The feeling you have that things are not anymore supporting things you always did, your old habits, your job, relationship, your ventures, your feeling of being of track somehow.  Yes a start into the new with all that old stuff that still lets you think it is the new year you should think about as being important. The calendar and the date are all time related fantasies.

What is the new you should be looking for or better said, sensing and feeling for? Is it just something that is labeled as new or said to be or thought to be new?  What is it all about?

From a distance as an observer I see the real you and all the other you’s called humans magnificently awakening and or finding into their real being. It is like a new voyage and the search discovering who you really are is now key.  In discovering the real you, you will find your new ways, you will discover the new things you will go for and find out your new talents and be with new friends.  In the new there is only place for NEW things to be. What was learned, what was told as stories through the ages and was written down is not valid anymore. The teachings, the beliefs, history all is not relevant for things to be newly created.

Equally is not important what will be or seeing into the future. It is just a guess at endless possibilities and often still based upon things from the past. You have no need to be a futurologist. The now is the moment of creating all. Creation finds its way from the heart via feeling and sensing the energetic connection to all that is. What you feel and have envisioned you can bring forth into manifestation for now still in words spoken to let it flow into its realization and let it go. The energetic connection will give you your new insights and will let you sense that what is your way. Things develop not from time anymore only from sequence, and from the vibrational energetic make up needed to bring a manifestation alive.  All is in the flow of things to be and things are created in the now.

I know it is not easy to see, sense and feel things and still write and talk about it as that is also not sufficient anymore to explain things. We are going to sense and feel the new. Already for some time humans sense there is a change, not only in the body but also in energies, in things happening, in their dreams, having all sorts of symptoms without being really sick. The clearing and cleansing of the body and the mind is needed to make way for the new. The predicted changes of the world and some think it is off-world are only happening by you changing within. You are still the ones you have been waiting for.  Yes, you and nobody else or something else.

We came here upon this earth to be born as humans to complete our last journey. All are completing our personal growth missions and ending the old cycles in going through our own process. We will start all something totally new and unknown from our base: earth, that has already entered its new energetic vibrational pattern. All will be created  from our new energetic make up and remembrance of the unity of all. We will remember there is nothing you can be bound to as all that is artificial. The power always is in you. Freedom was always yours as there are no limits.  Welcome to the most exiting part of something new. In this case relying less on the mind and thoughts but more on energetics and sensations to feel your way through uncharted territory.

The expansion of your being throughout your process brings also new ways of communications for you. More of you will connect on levels of lucid dreaming, sensing or collective envisioning.  You will feel if things are right and will see, envision in symbols and telepathic like communication more and more what you want to communicate.  Written and spoken language was always less advanced as it was used to divide, to misunderstand and to control also.  Language in that form is also not a good way to express yourself as it is limited and makes expression of emotions, feelings and alike very difficult.

We are getting away from a form of brain steered mind connected language and more into the sensory communication of understanding and “speaking” in film like and symbolic language that also is embedded in feelings and emotions at the same time.

Traveling and being in multiple dimensional state(s) is going to be normal. Most of you still think of dreaming as in resting the mind and dreaming as in processing the data of experience and events. Dreamtime, portals, merkaba energetic travels al are possible as there are as said  no limits in manifesting and being even in multiple dimensions at the same time. The talent develops and will be remembered. You need not learn to obey an other that says to know how to do things. All is voluntary and your free of will always. You need to know and find out yourself and if required you can seek help.

Groups will form and connections will be made. Some call it soul groups and I call it energetic alikes drawn to each other at a certain point or stage in their process. It is useful but as all constructs that build upon something that is not yet fully new has to dissolve or deconstruct also eventually.  You came to be the individual expression of all that is in your unique being here upon earth. The only constant in this universe is change all is part of the an ever developing energetic multidimensional form that hold all that is experienced into being in itself. The All can be and not like in quantum physics. All seems to be random or even fully ruled by laws. And all of it is sometimes the case and sometimes it is not. You can dream the  most fantastic realities into being.

Let us find a way also to make this new work for us all. All we do, even if it is temporary, should be about moving more and more into unity and bringing our bases back to where it belongs.That is each of our individual beings remembering who we are and what we came to do.  Your heart will open and show you the way if you make it your center again and not your mind or brain. The endless love generated through your full connection to source and your earth/gaia will be established and you will see your true being shine if connected to your heart center.

You are ready to take upon you the real new reality creating! Make it so.  Let the love from your heart be your guide.

Love and Light,


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