Jill Renee Feeler – Conversations With Annie Frind – Just Do 1 Thing – 7 January 2014

Uploaded on4 January 2014 by Jill Renee Feeler

I interview Annie Frind, artist, inspirer, akashic records explorer and beautiful being. There are so many amazing, beautiful beings I come across with my work and I was led to do an interview with Annie and share it with you. Annie’s websites are http://www.anniefrind.com and http://www.justdo1thing.com.

So many of us are inspired from within and then we talk ourselves out of being all that we can be. Annie is another example of trusting ourselves, our inner passions and exploring ways to share and create from our joy and interests.

Trust yourself. Explore ways to create and share from these levels of deep joy, endless passion. It doesn’t matter if someone else is doing something similar. They aren’t you and you aren’t them so what you offer will naturally be unique and special because you are unique and special. Don’t worry about getting what you create and share perfect. By just starting with something you’ll hone it and improve it as you go. And just starting can feel so good and so freeing. Beyond the fear, is experiencing our joy. Not rooted in perfection, rooted in the whole-ness of Source, which is the core of all life.

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