Aisha North – A Short Update On The Energies – 8 January 2014

AishaNorthAs many of you have noticed already, the very air that you breathe seems to have become slightly altered already, and more is to come, as that friendly neighbour of yours, the Sun, has once again let off a barrage of explosions that will fill your atmosphere with some rather interesting messages in the days and nights ahead. You see, these explosions or heavenly fireworks do you all a world of good, in every sense of the word, as the energy that is released during these spectacular shows are doing more than what they look like on the surface. As you are perhaps aware of already, all of these explosions come  laden with a whole lot of energetic debris if you will, that is being torn away from the very surface of that heavenly body and hurled out into space.

Sometimes, these volleys seem to be aimed straight towards your Earth, and when they do arrive, they bring along a whole host of interesting companions, companions that are not easily detected by any of the instruments calibrated by your scientist, but still, they are very much present, and they do have a great impact on everything and anyone they might encounter as they enter Mother Earth’s very core. You see, these energetic particles or messengers have such an impact, they can penetrate even the deepest of layers in your planet, and as such, nothing can stop them. In fact, some of them even pass right through the very core of your Mother and continue straight out on the other side again. But not without delivering its payload in the way. For these little messengers all come laden with a whole host of information, and this information will be delivered no matter where the recipient may be positioned.

And so we say, look to the sky, and give a friendly wave to this wondrous, beaming benefactress that hovers above you, and know that this time, she will be unusually generous with her gifts. And do not think they are something to be avoided, far from it, for what she disperses so generously is meant to aid you all in attaining your crowning glory as it were, and as such, you should look upon them as the true gifts from heaven that they really are. Again, for some, these heavenly explosions may be rather wearisome to the physical body, but this will only last a short while, but the benefits they do bring, will last forever. / link to original article

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